Delete an IU List mailing list

Indiana University will be transitioning to a single email domain,, between now and the end of 2025. For more about the transition, see One Mail. For details about the impact to IU List specifically, see Changes to IU List from the One Mail initiative. For general actions you may need to take, see Prepare for One Mail at IU.
Only a privileged owner with a valid University account can perform the following actions; see Create an IU List mailing list.

To delete your mailing list:

  1. Go to IU Mailing Lists.
  2. Log in with a valid University account.
  3. Go to your mailing list's home page; to do so, either select Search to look up your list, or select My lists to see all of the lists for which you are a subscriber or manager.
  4. On your mailing list's home page, in the vertical menu on the left, select Admin.
  5. Under "Drastic operations", select Remove List. Follow the instructions to close the list.

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