Create an IU List mailing list

Before you begin

The person (or account) who requests a new IU List mailing list becomes the list sponsor, as well as an owner of the list by default. Lists may have multiple owners and moderators, but only one sponsor. Only the sponsor can rename or delete a mailing list.

Each list should always have a current sponsor with a valid University account. To request a change in list sponsorship (for example, in cases of changes in job responsibilities), email IU List Support with the list name, current sponsor, reason for change (retired, left IU, moved to another IU group, etc.), and new sponsor. To see the lists you currently sponsor, visit MAS IUlist, select the option to either delete or rename a list, and view the drop-down list.

As the owner of a mailing list at Indiana University, you have full responsibility for actively monitoring and maintaining the list. The subject matter covered by the list is up to you. By agreeing to own a mailing list, you assume the responsibility of day-to-day monitoring and operation of the list. It is your job to ensure that the list continues to run smoothly and that all participants adhere to university policies and follow the list's stated objectives. You will be expected to subscribe to the list and monitor the discussions to ensure that the list is serving its intended purpose.

As a guideline, IU List mailing lists should have no more than 30,000 subscribers; also, the more active the list, the lower the number of subscribers should be. To ensure mail delivery, the IU List system administrator may throttle any list that causes excessive load on the mail relays. If you need to send communications to more than 30,000 people, you may want to consider using Salesforce instead.

Request a new list

To request a new mailing list:

To proceed, you must be connected to either the IU network (on campus) or the IU SSL VPN (off campus).
  1. Go to MAS, and log in with your IU username and passphrase.
  2. From the menu, click IU List; select New List Request.
  3. Read the terms of list ownership, fill out the fields on the online request form, and then click save.
    When selecting the campus for the list from the Your Campus drop-down menu, select the campus that makes the most sense for the scope of the list, not necessarily your home campus. For lists serving organizations with a presence on multiple campuses, you should choose University-wide (; for lists about groups or events on a single campus, even if you anticipate subscribers from other campuses, select the appropriate home campus.

This submits your request to the Messaging Systems server, which will send you a confirmation message once your list is created. This is an automated process.

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