Use WebDAV to migrate data to Box at IU

  • To access your IU Box account via WebDAV, you cannot use your IU passphrase. Instead, you need to create an external password; see Create and use an external password for IU Box. When you log into your account, use your full IU email address as the username and your Box external password for the password.
  • In Windows 7, WebDAV cannot upload large files when the process takes more than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, WebDAV drops the connection.
  • For details about WebDAV, including several important limitations, refer to Box's Does Box support WebDAV?


  1. Type This PC into the search bar and open it.
  2. Click the Computer tab and select Map network drive.
  3. Select an unused drive letter; in the folder section, type
  4. When you get a pop-up, enter:
    • Username: Your primary IU email address
    • Password: Your external Box password
  5. Drag the files or folders into this drive to be uploaded to Box.


  1. From the Finder, type Command-K or access the Go menu to open the "Connect to Server..." dialog.
  2. Put for the server address.
  3. Use your full IU email for your username and your external Box password.
  4. Click connect.


See Using Box under Linux.

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