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Indiana University's contract with CourseNetworking (CN Post) ended on December 31, 2023, and the CN Post tool has been removed from Canvas. UITS recommends using InScribe 2.0 as a replacement for the social, peer-to-peer discussion aspects of CN Post. For a list of alternative ePortfolio platforms, see ePortfolio software options.

CourseNetworking provides lifelong access to ePortfolios you've already created; you can log into CN to access them. For issues accessing existing ePortfolios in CourseNetworking, contact

CN Post, sometimes referred to as CourseNetworking, uses Anar seeds (pomegranate seeds) to represent points CN members earn for performing various activities. You'll see a separate total for the number of Anar seeds you've accumulated in each course or Conexus, as well as your overall total. Instructors can use Anar seeds to gauge students' activity levels in the CN.

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Default Anar seed allocation

All CN members receive 100 seeds upon account creation. Thereafter, Anar seeds are awarded according to the following table, by default.

Activity Seeds earned Maximum seeds per day Maximum seeds per week
Create a post or poll (minimum 15 words)
10 20 100
Reflect on a post 5 25 125
Rate a post or reflection 1 3 15
Repost a post 2 6 30
Visit a link/video 1 3 15
Visit a course (visits must be 10 minutes apart)
1 3 15
Mark a reflection as best 1 3 15
Receive a best reflection 3 N/A N/A
Answer a poll 2 16 80
Win post of the week 25 N/A N/A

Changing Anar seed allocations

Instructors can modify this default table in each course. Next to the course title, click the more options icon ( The more options icon in CN Post ), and then choose Anar Seeds Settings.

Using Anar seeds in the course grade

Instructors can use Anar seeds as a portion of the course grade or a bonus item using the CN GradeBook. To do so:

  1. Next to the course title in the CN, click the more options icon ( The more options icon in CN Post ), and choose Anar Seeds Settings.
  2. From the Use Anar Seeds as drop-down menu, select A Portion of the Course Grade or Bonus Item.
  3. If you chose A Portion of the Course Grade, enter a point value, an Anar goal for the course, and a timeframe for the Anar seed accumulation.

    If you chose Bonus Item, enter a percentage of the course grade, an Anar goal for the course, and a timeframe for the Anar seed accumulation.

  4. At the bottom of the page, click Save.

Once you've enabled Anar seeds in a course, it will automatically appear in the CN GradeBook, which will calculate grades automatically.

The CN GradeBook is not integrated with the Canvas Gradebook. If you use the CN GradeBook, you'll need to download the grades or points as an Excel spreadsheet and do any necessary processing to import them into the Canvas Gradebook, if desired. See How do I import grades in the Gradebook?

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