UITS Service Overview: Intelligent Infrastructure Enterprise (II-E)

Service name: Intelligent Infrastructure Enterprise (II-E)

Role: Application hosting, backup


IU Intelligent Infrastructure (II) is a suite of services provided by the Enterprise Systems division of UITS. II offers remote access to the same high-performance and high-availability hardware and security devices UITS uses to deliver mission-critical university applications and services.

Cost: Cost recovery for hardware; see Rates and costs of services

Further reference: About IU Intelligent Infrastructure, Intelligent Infrastructure Virtual Systems site

Adoption process: Request services via the Intelligent Infrastructure request form.

Service contact information: Contact IU Intelligent Infrastructure.

Platform restrictions: See VMware Compatibility Guide.

Meets UIPO/UISO guidelines: Client is responsible for meeting UIPO/UISO guidelines.

Data classification approval: Environment is managed to standards that allow for storage of Critical data; client is responsible for securing data approval from the appropriate Data Stewards

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