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Before you begin

Faculty, staff, affiliates, and currently enrolled students can make changes to their primary IU email address and email delivery as described below. Those without an active status (for example, admitted or former students, former employees) cannot. If you do not have an active status, see Continue using your IU-branded email address.

Mail forwarding redirects incoming email for the Indiana University email domains (that is,,,,,,,, to your preferred email service. Forwarding email is a good idea if you have accounts on more than one email service; unless you log into your account on each service regularly, you may have unread messages in one of the accounts. Choosing a preferred email service and then forwarding mail to it from your other accounts will ensure that any mail sent to your IU email address lands in the account where you read mail.

If you have an Exchange account, you should set Exchange as your preferred email service since messages sent from an IU Exchange account to your primary email address will land in your Exchange mailbox regardless of the preferred email service setting; see If you are not receiving all of your IU email.

Everyone at Indiana University has a email address, even if they already have another email address based on campus affiliation. If is not your primary email address (your email address in the IU Directory), messages sent to will be automatically forwarded to your primary email address.

For details about your primary email address and preferred email service, see Change your primary email address and set delivery for your email addresses.


Before setting your IU email address to forward to a non-IU service (for example, personal Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!), note:

  • UITS cannot guarantee email delivery to non-IU accounts, delays in delivery can occur, and the UITS Support Center may not be able to help with some problems concerning non-IU accounts. If your email forwarding fails for any reason, you may miss important official communications sent to your IU address for which you are still responsible. For more, see If you forward your IU email address and aren't receiving external email messages.
  • Faculty, staff, residents, and students in HIPAA Affected Areas whose roles may require sharing protected health information (PHI) via email (such as the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, or Optometry) are not permitted to set up mail forwarding to outside accounts, as this could result in the violation of federal and state laws. You are permitted to forward your IU email to your IU Health ( email account. For more, see HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance.
For departmental, student organization, or group accounts, you can change the passphrase if you know the current one. Other account settings must be handled by the account owner.



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To forward mail from one or more accounts to a preferred service, and thus avoid creating a mail forwarding loop, follow these steps in order:

  1. Remove mail forwarding at your preferred email service:

    Choose one email service from which you will read mail; this will be your preferred service. Make sure there is no forward set on it by removing all mail forwarding from it. To do so, log into the service you wish to use as your preferred service, and then follow the appropriate steps below.

    See Forward your IU email to another address using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook on the web.

  2. Set delivery for your email address(es):

    Setting delivery notifies the IU mail servers where to deliver mail addressed to your IU email address(es). Follow the instructions in Your email address delivery.

  3. Forward mail on your other services:

    Referring to the instructions for different mail systems noted in step 1, forward mail on all your other services except your preferred service to your primary IU email address. To avoid creating a mail loop, do one of the following:

    • Do not forward mail from your previous preferred service until the next day.
    • Forward your previously preferred service to your new preferred service instead of your primary email address, and then revise its forwarding to your primary email address the next day.
    Any mail sent to (for example, from a system outside IU will be rejected, generating a bounce message to the sending system. Be sure your mail is sent to
  4. Check your mail forwarding:

    Verify that your forwarding is working correctly by sending yourself test messages to and from each of your systems. For more, see How to tell if your mail is forwarded.

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