When students and instructors can access courses in Canvas

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Course availability

In Canvas, instructors can access course sites as soon as they are provisioned by UITS. Students are added to official course sites at the same time as instructors, but cannot access the course site nor receive course communications from the instructor until the course is published. Course provisioning dates vary from year to year, but they generally follow the schedule below. See Canvas and CQDM Provisioning Schedule for the current provisioning calendar.

Term Provisioning date
Fall semester Mid-June
Fall quarter Late July
Winter quarter Mid-October
Spring semester Early November
Spring quarter Late January
Summer semester Early April
Summer quarter Late April

After the end date for the term has passed, courses associated with the term become read-only for enrolled students, and instructors can no longer add or remove members using the People tool. Instructors can re-open past courses at any time; see below.

Override term start and end dates

Instructors can extend, reduce, or remove access to a course before the term starts or after it ends by overriding term start and end dates with course start and end dates. To do so:

To learn how to perform common tasks in Canvas, consult the Canvas Guides.

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