About the IUanyWare Desktop

In IUanyWare, the IUanyWare Desktop allows you to use a familiar view on any device, and launch multiple IUanyWare applications side by side on a laptop/desktop.

The IUanyWare Desktop will scale to the size of your display for easy readability; on a tablet or smartphone, it will run full-screen. Some devices allow you to resize your text and icons.

The IUanyWare Desktop is configured with the most popular personal productivity applications. If you do not see the application you want, in IUanyWare, click APPS at the top, and launch the app you wish to use.

To launch the Desktop:

  • Windows or Mac computer:
    1. Log into IUanyWare.

    2. Select DESKTOPS at the top, and then select the IUanyWare Desktop.
  • Mobile device:

    Follow the instructions for your device. When selecting applications to add to your storefront, look for Desktop to view your options.

Save all files on a Cloud Storage service. To access your Cloud Storage from the IUanyWare Desktop, open the Start menu and select Computer. You should see your preferred cloud storage folders there. When you log off, any files left on the IUanyWare Desktop or in personal folders created when you opened your session may be lost.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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