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The IU Photo Roster is a locally developed tool in Canvas that you can access via the Canvas People tool. The roster, which is available to all Canvas roles except Observer, displays the name, email address, role, photo, and NameCoach recording (if available) for each member of the course. Using the Photo Roster tool, you can change the page or print layout; search and filter the list of course members; group by role, section, or group; and print or export the current view. Official IU photos and associated features are only available to instructors in SIS courses.

View the roster

To view the roster, from the People tool, choose Photo Roster. You can also add the IU Photo Roster to your course navigation menu; for instructions, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?.

By default, the roster displays a grid view of course members sorted alphabetically by last name. To change views, use the icons at the upper right:

  • Choose the List View icon (list view icon) to view the roster as a list with one record per row.
  • Choose the Grid View icon (grid view icon) to view the roster in a grid layout.
  • Choose the Sign-in Sheet View icon (sign-in sheet icon) to view or print a sign-in sheet for your class.

In addition to the photo, each record in the grid and list views includes the course member's name, email address, and course role. Course members who have a NameCoach recording have a speaker icon (NameCoach speaker icon) next to their names. Select the icon to play the recording.

If you use Firefox:

If you are in the Teacher role and you receive the message "You are not authorized to use this tool" when you launch the IU Photo Roster in Firefox, you need to enable third-party cookies:

  1. Open Options (Windows) or Preferences (macOS) and select Privacy & Security.
  2. Under "Cookies and Site Data", choose Manage Permissions.
  3. For "Address of website", enter https://canvas.iu.edu/.
  4. Select Save Changes.

FERPA considerations

A FERPA flag appears under the photos of students who have invoked their rights to restrict access to directory data under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Students with FERPA restrictions are only visible to Teachers and related roles.

  • University photos are protected under FERPA. Official IU photos are only available in SIS courses and access is limited to instructors.
  • In non-SIS courses, instructors will see Canvas profile photos instead of official IU photos.

Toggle between IU photos and Canvas photos

The "Photo Options" menu, which is only available in SIS courses, allows users in the Teacher role or related roles to toggle between Official IU (small), Official IU (medium), and Canvas photos.

When you select an individual photo, you'll see that course member's photo, name, email address, role, and NameCoach icon (if available) in a pop-up window.

Filter, search, and group results

Filter the roster

The default view of the IU Photo Roster lists all members of the course in alphabetical order. Using the "Filter by" menu, you can filter the list by course role, section, or groups. When filters are in effect, course members are grouped by the selected filter. When role and section filters are in effect, course members are first grouped by section and then by role within each section.

To search the roster for a specific course member, enter all or part of a name or username and choose Search. The matching record(s) will display.

To clear the current search, select the X to the right of the search expression.

If a filter is in effect, your search will be limited to the course members that match your filter (those displayed in the current view). To search all course members, remove all filters.

Group the results

The "Group by" option allows results to be grouped by Role, Section, Group, or No Grouping. No Grouping is the default option.

Export the roster

Teachers and related roles can export the roster to a delimited .csv file. Exported files include each course member's name, IU username, email address, course role, and section ID.

To export the roster, to the right of the tool name, select the download icon (download icon). You will be prompted to open or save the file. The exported data will reflect your current search, filter, and/or group by settings.


If you plan to export and maintain local offline copies of any student information (including but not limited to names, University ID numbers, or grades), you are responsible for taking adequate security measures to handle and safeguard such data, as it remains sensitive university data.

For more, see Protecting Data & Privacy.

For more on handling sensitive data, see:

Print the roster

To print the current view of the roster, to the right of the tool name, select the printer icon (printer icon). The printout will reflect your current search, filter, and/or group by settings.

Print a sign-in sheet

To print a sign-in sheet, in the upper right, choose the printable sign-in sheet icon (sign-in sheet icon), and then, in the upper left, choose Print. The sign-in sheet will reflect your current search, filter, and/or group by settings.

Open the roster in a new tab or window

To open the photo roster in a new tab or window, to the right of the tool name, choose the new window icon (new window icon).

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