About NameCoach at IU

NameCoach is a tool in all officially provisioned classes in Canvas designed to help instructors and students learn how to pronounce the names of the people in their classes. Use it both to record your own name and to listen to name recordings made by others. NameCoach Recorder, a companion tool for recording only, is available in the account navigation menu for all Canvas users.

Once you record your name in either location, the recording is available via the NameCoach tool in all Canvas courses.

Instructors can also send out recording requests to all course members who have not yet recorded their names.

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Record your name

With NameCoach, you can record your name using either a phone or the web recorder.

If you plan to use the web recorder, start your NameCoach session in Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. The web recorder does not work in Safari and is unavailable in Internet Explorer.
  1. In your web browser, log into Canvas.
  2. To access the recording screen, do one of the following:
    • Open the NameCoach tool: Navigate to any Canvas course, and click NameCoach.
    • Open the NameCoach Recorder: In the global navigation menu, click Account and select Settings, and then, from the account navigation menu, click NameCoach Recorder.
  3. If you are asked to give NameCoach access to your account, click Authorize.
  4. Click Record Name.
  5. To make your recording with a cell phone or landline, continue to Record using a phone. To use a web-based audio recorder, continue to Record using the web recorder.

Record using a phone

  1. In the pop-up window, select Phone.
  2. In the "Phone number" field, enter your phone number.
  3. Click Call Me Now.
  4. Answer the call from NameCoach and follow the voice prompts.
  5. When you are finished recording, look for the message "Your recording is ready" in the "Edit Your Recording" window.
  6. Click Submit and Finish.

Record using the web recorder

  1. In the pop-up window, select Web Recorder.
  2. Click Record.
  3. If your browser asks for permission to allow NameCoach to use your microphone, click Allow.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  5. When you are finished, click the stop button (a purple square).
  6. To listen to your recording, click the play button (a purple triangle).
  7. If you are satisfied with your recording, click Submit and Finish. If you'd like to record again, click Record and repeat steps 2 through 7.

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Edit your recording

To edit your recording at any time using the NameCoach tool or the NameCoach Recorder, navigate to the recording screen as described in Record your name, and click Edit this Recording. Then, choose your recording method and follow the instructions in the relevant section (Record using a phone or Record using the web recorder).

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Invite students to record their names

Instructors can send email invitations to individuals or the entire class, inviting class members to record their names in NameCoach. To send individual or bulk invitations:

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to the desired course.
  2. In the course navigation menu, click NameCoach. If you are asked to give NameCoach access to your account, click Authorize.
  3. Click Unrecorded Names to view the roster of course members who have not yet made a recording.
  4. Click Remind All to send a reminder to everyone in the list, or select individuals by clicking the envelope icons next to their names.
  5. In the pop-up window, review and optionally edit the message subject and body before sending.
  6. When you are satisfied with the message, click Send Reminder(s).

The people you've selected will receive messages in their default Canvas email accounts (for most people, their IU email accounts).

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Listen to a recording

All Canvas course participants have access to the NameCoach tool and roster, which lists the names of all class members who have recorded their names. To listen to name recordings:

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to the desired course.
  2. In the course navigation menu, click NameCoach. If you are asked to give NameCoach access to your account, click Authorize.
  3. The "NameCoach Recorded Names" screen displays the roster of class members with recordings. Use the following options to navigate the roster and locate specific course members:
    • Pagination: By default, NameCoach shows ten entries per page. You can adjust the Show entries per page setting to display up to 100 entries per page.
    • Sorting: By default, the NameCoach roster is sorted by last name. Use the Name/email sort menu to set the sort order to "Last Name", "First Name", or "Email". Use the Name Pronunciation sort menu to set the sort order to "Recorded At" or "Invited At".
    • Searching: Use the search box to search for a person by first or last name.
  4. Find the name of the person whose recording you want to play, and click the PlayFirstname Lastname button:
    Play student name button

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Get help

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.

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