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View'em is a tool developed at Indiana University for posting scores, feedback, or other types of data for students to view. When you upload a .csv file to View'em, each student will only be able to view the row containing that student's own data. Thus, View'em provides a convenient and secure means of sharing scores and feedback with students. As an instructor, you can also update, download, delete, or change the publication status of a worksheet you've uploaded.

View'em is not integrated with SIS and is not intended as a replacement for the Canvas Gradebook.

Enable the View'em tool

The View'em tool is hidden by default.

To add a hidden tool to your course navigation menu, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

Create a .csv file for View'em

Before you can upload a .csv file into View'em, the file must conform to the following guidelines:

  • Your file must be saved in comma-delimited (.csv) format. You can save Microsoft Excel spreadsheets as .csv files.
  • The first column of your file must contain individual usernames in lower case. In Canvas, this is the login/SIS ID as listed on the "People" page. It can be a number, an email address, or a username.
    You can create a .csv file containing usernames using the export option in the IU Photo Roster tool. Remember to delete the other columns and any rows for users who aren't students.
  • In the first column, do not leave any empty cells between the first username and the last.
  • The first row of your file should contain headings that describe the contents of each column; every column should have a heading.
  • The file must contain at least two rows and two columns.

Once you have created your file, you can modify it as you wish, as long as you stay within the guidelines above.

Upload a file

Before you upload a file to View'em, make sure that no other Canvas courses are open in your browser (in other tabs or windows). If the View'em tool happens to be open in more than one course in the same browser, there's a chance that your file could be uploaded to the wrong course. To avoid this potential problem, close all other tabs and windows open to Canvas, and then select View'em in the course navigation menu before uploading your file.

To upload a .csv file to View'em:

  1. Log into Canvas, and navigate to your course.

  2. In the course navigation menu, select View'em, and then, on the main View'em screen, choose + CSV.
  3. For "Worksheet Title", enter a descriptive title (255 characters maximum).
  4. Next to "Select a csv file", choose Browse, and then navigate to and select your .csv file.
  5. To save your file and advance to the "Preview" screen, choose Submit. To cancel and return to the main View'em screen, choose Cancel.
  6. On the "Preview" screen, you'll see a sample of how the file will appear to your students. Select one of the following options:
    • To save the file and make it available to students immediately, choose Save & Publish.
    • To save without publishing (so it is only available to instructor roles), choose Save.
    • To exit without saving, choose Cancel.
    • To select a different .csv file, choose Back and repeat steps 4 through 6.
  7. If you chose Save or Save & Publish, you will return to the main View'em screen and your saved worksheet will appear in the list of worksheets.

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