Account information for program coordinators creating a Taskstream Directed Response Folio program

  • Taskstream is only available to students enrolled on the IUPUI campus and in the Schools of Education on the Bloomington, Kokomo, South Bend, and Southeast campuses.
    IUPUI's campus-wide license agreement with Taskstream (which covers faculty, staff, and students at IUPUI and IUPUC) ends on September 30, 2019. As of August 15, 2019, the Taskstream LTI tool (which facilitates logging in to Taskstream from Canvas) has been removed from IUPUI courses in Canvas, except for the School of Education. All others affiliated with IUPUI should use IU Login (formerly CAS) to log into Taskstream. For details, see About the Taskstream transition at IUPUI.
  • The School of Education at Bloomington creates Taskstream accounts for their students. They do not need to create a Taskstream account via Canvas.
  • If you receive a message indicating that your account has expired when you attempt to log in, contact your campus Support Center. If you are currently enrolled at IU and covered under the current license agreement with Taskstream, arrangements will be made to reactivate your account.

You should use a shared (that is, departmental) group account for creating a Taskstream Directed Response Folio (DRF) program. Using a shared group account (instead of a personal Taskstream account) is preferable because:

  • Creating and managing a DRF program is often a shared responsibility. Assessment coordinators, faculty members, and administrators commonly collaborate on the design and management of DRF templates, rubrics, and programs. When these items are created using a personal Taskstream account, they are owned by that user, and other collaborators are unable to view or edit them.
  • Even if one individual is currently responsible for every aspect of DRF design and management, someone else may inherit those responsibilities in the future (except for instructors using Taskstream in their own classes only). Using a shared Taskstream account simplifies the transfer of responsibilities from one user to another.

To create a shared Taskstream account at Indiana University, you must first create an IU group account; for instructions, see About IU computing accounts for groups or departments.

After your IU group account username and passphrase are established, follow these instructions for creating additional computing accounts (make sure you log in with the group username and passphrase). During this process, choose Exchange to create a dedicated email inbox for the group. If desired, you can forward copies of group email to your personal inbox; for instructions, see Forward your IU email to another address using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA)

After establishing your IU group username and email address, you can create a corresponding Taskstream Coordinator account. To do so, email a request to (make sure to include your group account's IU email address). A Taskstream administrator will notify you when the account has been created, and your group's Exchange account will receive an automated notification message. Use the link included in the message to complete the registration process for your group's Taskstream Coordinator account.

If you already created a DRF template or program using your personal Taskstream account, you can arrange to have those assets moved to a group account. To initiate the process, email a request to

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