Public cloud resources for staff at IU

IU has contracts with the three main public cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. They offer hyper-scale computing resources on demand for a wide variety of technology projects, from software development to AI/ML and from IoT to natural language processing. The discounts vary by platform, but all are below the commercial rates.

IU staff can use these IU-sanctioned computing environments for institutional workloads and application development. The IU Cloud Technology Support team provides guidance on platforms and tooling, and regularly arranges for direct consultations with software engineers from the cloud vendors, all at no cost to departments. To get started, see Get an AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account at IU. For help, submit the Cloud Support form.

A variety of training and certification prep resources are also available at low or no cost to IU employees. For a list of current training and support resources, see Get help with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure at IU.


Use of these public cloud platforms by IU staff is governed by IU's Public Cloud Acceptable Usage Agreement. For details, see Get an AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure account at IU.

For guidelines on using institutional data with these platforms, see Data classes for use on public cloud computing platforms at IU.

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