Questions you'll need to answer when requesting research computing accounts

When requesting accounts on the following Indiana University systems administered by UITS Research Technologies, you will be prompted for additional information:

  • IU research supercomputers: For accounts on IU research supercomputers, you will be asked to provide:
    • Country of citizenship
    • Primary discipline
    • Primary sub-discipline
    • Secondary discipline
    • Secondary sub-discipline
    • Tertiary discipline
    • Tertiary sub-discipline

    You will also be asked to:

    • Send a list of citations to any intellectual property (for example, journal articles, reports, presentations) developed as a result of your use of the system to once a year;
    • Cite your use of the system and other university resources in your publications;
    • Indicate whether you will be storing HIPAA data (PHI) on the system, and, if so, acknowledge that you have read and understand your responsibilities with respect to HIPAA data (PHI).
  • Research Database Complex (RDC): For RDC accounts, you will be asked to agree to the following:

    I have read and understand my responsibilities with respect to PHI on RDC.

    IF YOU USE THIS SYSTEM FOR STORING ELECTRONIC PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION, please note that you and/or the Principal Investigator (PI) are responsible for the privacy and security of data and for compliance with applicable federal and state laws/regulations and institutional policies. IU's HIPAA policies include the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals and a Data Management Plan. Be advised that, while we provide technical and physical controls against the unauthorized release of data in accordance with HIPAA, responsibility for administrative controls (including granting access and terminating access, providing training, creating user policies, etc.), rests with you and/or the PI. We strongly recommend that you review for guidance on how to use this system for electronic protected health information. If you have further questions, please email us at

  • Scholarly Data Archive (SDA): For SDA accounts, you will be prompted as follows:

    Provide additional information by filling out the following form (note that all fields are required). If you have questions, email

    • Department:
    • Phone Number:
    • Storage space needed
    • Immediately:
    • Within 6 months:
    • Within 12 months:
    • Estimated number of files:
    • Duration of storage:
    • Average file size:

    (a brief description of the project that will use the SDA and the manner in which SDA will be used)

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