Exchange accounts at IU

Using the Microsoft Exchange service, IU Exchange accounts provide email, calendaring and scheduling, and other administrative activities (for example, contact lists, to-do lists, tasks) for faculty, full-time and part-time staff, IU affiliates, and graduate students. UITS recommends the Microsoft Outlook email client for access to IU Exchange accounts; Outlook supports all of the services available via IU Exchange. Additionally, Outlook Web App provides a web-based interface for access to your IU Exchange account.

For more about accessing your Exchange email from your computer or mobile device, see Read your IU Exchange email.

If you are eligible for an Exchange account, you can get one when you create your first IU computing accounts.

To get an Exchange account if you already have IU computing accounts, see Get additional IU computing accounts.

If you are eligible for an account but you are not presented with the option to create it, try the process again. If you still cannot create the account, contact your campus Support Center.

If you are not eligible for an Exchange account, a full-time staff or faculty sponsor must submit a request for you to the Accounts Administration office. All requests need to meet the following criteria:

  • The email request is sent from the sponsor's account.
  • The message clearly states the request for an Exchange account.
  • The request includes the new account holder's username and university status.

When you create an Exchange account, all mail coming from other IU Exchange users goes directly to your Exchange account, ignoring your preferred address. To avoid overlooking mail that may be in your Exchange account, you can do any of the following:

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