Refunds for unacceptable printing output

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Printing support

If a print issue occurs, seek assistance as soon as possible. Credit for damaged or unprinted output may be available upon request at most Student Technology Center (STC) locations within 24 hours.

If the job cost is over a certain amount or took place more than 24 hours ago, a staff member will escalate your ticket to address your situation. Credits cannot be issued after the semester ends.

Unacceptable output

Returned credits may be available for pages with unacceptable output due to printer hardware malfunctions, printer errors, or poor output quality. Examples of this type of unacceptable output can include:

  • Faint or faded content
  • Smudges on content
  • Wrinkled pages
  • Partially complete or cancelled jobs

Credits cannot be returned for unacceptable output related to human error, such as:

  • Color mismatching
  • Improper formatting
  • Jobs taken by others before you arrive at the device
  • Unintentionally released jobs
  • More copies or pages than required

If your files repeatedly fail to print, UITS recommends the following print method:

  1. Log into an STC Windows machine.
  2. Download and/or convert your file to PDF format using Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Select File > Print, and then choose IU_BW or IU_Color.
    You will be printing directly through Adobe Acrobat instead of Mobile Print.
  5. Ensure your paper size is set to Letter (8.5" x 11") or Tabloid (11" x 17"). If you are printing in tabloid size, you can do so at any of the locations listed in About tabloid printing at IU.
  6. For "Page Sizing & Handling", choose either Fit or Shrink Oversized Pages.
  7. If your file contains a large page count, change the "Pages to Print" section from All to Pages. Enter a page range of 1-25, and continue a page range maximum of 25 until you reach the end of your document.
  8. Your document should be ready. Select Print.

If your print job still fails, visit your campus Support Center in-person location for assistance.

If returned credits are issued, the consultant must retain the unacceptable pages whenever possible.

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