Technology Center Consulting at IU

UITS Technology Center Consulting (TCC) provides technical assistance in the Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI Student Technology Centers (STCs) and Residential Technology Centers (RTCs). TCC employs consultants to assist students and faculty working in STCs and RTCs with technology questions about software applications (such as IUanyWare and multimedia) and printing. At IU Bloomington, consultants are available during staffed hours in the Wells Library. At IUPUI, consultants are available during staffed hours in the ICTC. TCC consultants also assist campus housing residents with connecting personal computers to the IU network, and assist students using software in the RTCs. IU Bloomington and IUPUI students who need in-room help getting their personal computers connected to the IU network can call their campus Support Center to schedule an appointment.

For STC hours and staffing, see Staffing in the IUB and IUPUI STCs.

Connect to the IU network
Start here to connect in campus housing
Print Print from your device at IU
ComputerGuide Deals and recommendations
Residential Technology Centers
Computing facilities in campus housing
Options for storing files at IU
Available options for cloud storage

Contact TCC (RTCs and STCs)

IU Bloomington IUPUI
Fourth floor
Herman B Wells Library
Bloomington, IN 47406
Informatics and Communications Technology Complex (ICTC)
535 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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