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At Indiana University, the IU Print service provides on-campus printing for students, faculty, and staff. Managed print services are available for internal departments and organizations.

Check your allotment balance

To check the balance of your IU Print allotment:

  1. Go to Mobile Print.
  2. If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase.

  3. Look in the bottom left corner of the screen, under the "Payment Method" area. Your remaining allotment and CrimsonCard plan balances are shown individually.
Important notes for students:
  • As a student, you only need to add supplemental printing funds for plotter printing. You should not add CrimsonCash for printing unless it's for plotting.
  • If you've exceeded your standard print allotment and still need to print, contact your campus Support Center.

How funds are deducted from your accounts

When you print, credits and funds will be deducted from your accounts in the following order (if applicable):

  1. IU Print Allotment
  2. IU Print Departmental
  3. CrimsonCash (for plotter printing only)

Plotter printing

Plotter printing is available to students, faculty, and staff at IU Bloomington and IU Indianapolis. Prices between campuses differ and are subject to change at the beginning of an academic year.

Standard print allotment funds are not usable as payment for this service; use CrimsonCash deposits instead. A $2.50 processing fee applies to online and in-person deposits.

If your campus isn't listed below, check with your department for oversize print options.

IU Bloomington

Plotter pricing at IU Bloomington
Paper finish Base price Cost per square inch
Matte $5.00 $0.0057
Satin $5.00 $0.0065

Example: A 3' x 4' plot (1,728 square inches) can cost up to $14.85 on matte paper or up to $16.23 on satin paper.

For questions about plotter pricing and payment at IU Bloomington, call Technology Center Consulting at 812-855-3802.

More about printing for faculty, staff, departments, and the public

Faculty and staff

In addition to plotter printing, faculty and staff on all campuses can use CrimsonCash to print in the STCs. If you need to deposit supplemental funds to your CrimsonCash account, see Make a deposit or check balances on your CrimsonCard.


See department funded printing for information on providing funds to faculty, staff, or students using a KFS account.

Unaffiliated community members

Members of the public may be eligible for printing at their local campus library via a borrower's card. See Get an IU library borrower's card.

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