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Tabloid (11x17) sized printing is available at select locations across Indiana University campuses at an increased charge rate compared to standard letter (8.5x11) sized printing.

Ledger is another name for tabloid but with the dimensions switched.

Available locations

Tabloid printing is available at the following locations:

  • IUB:
    • Kirkwood (KH099)
    • Fine Arts (FA199)
    • Franklin (FF073)
    • Music Library (M160)
    • Wells Library (4th Floor, West Tower)
    • Indiana Memorial Union (UB098)
  • IUPUI:
    • Engineering & Technology (ET004 basement suite)
    • Eskenazi Hall (HR179)
    • Informatics & Communications Technology (IT131 & IT299)
  • IU South Bend:
    • Wiekamp Educational Resource Commons, Education & Arts Building (EA2010)

Print in tabloid size

To successfully complete a tabloid print job:

  1. Install the IU Print BYOD Print Package on your personal device, or use the print drivers on an STC lab workstation.
    You cannot print in tabloid size (11x17) from Mobile Print
  2. Open your file in Adobe Acrobat. UITS recommends Adobe Acrobat for successful printing.
  3. Open the print prompt.
  4. From the "Printer" drop-down, select an IU print path.
  5. Select Page Setup. In the "Paper Size" drop-down, select Tabloid (11 x 17"), and then click OK.
    The 11x17 size may be called Ledger instead of Tabloid.
  6. In Paper Size & Handling, select the appropriate option depending on your content between Fit, Actual size, Shrink oversized pages, and Custom Scale.
  7. Review your settings, and then select Print.

Get help

If you are having difficulties printing in tabloid size, consultants are available to help you in person.

  • IUB: Wells Library, fourth floor of the West Tower
  • IUPUI: ET004 Basement Suite

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