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At Indiana University, you may need to move your content from one Google account to another, especially if you experience an account conflict as described in Resolve conflicts between Google at IU and personal Google accounts.

Take care to store institutional data using the appropriate resources. For details, see Options for storing files at IU.
When moving content between Google accounts in the same domain (for example, from one Google at IU account to another Google at IU account), you may wish to transfer ownership instead of exporting and importing your files. For instructions, see Make someone else the owner of your file.

Export your app-specific data

To download specific data from your apps (such as Google at IU My Drive, Google Calendar, or Google Contacts):

  • Google My Drive: Download a file.
    Collaborators for personal folders will not be retained.
  • Google Calendar: Export your calendar.
  • Google Contacts: To export your Google at IU contacts:
    1. Visit and log in with the Google account you wish to export from.
    2. On the left, select More, and then Export.
    3. Select your preferred file format; if you wish to import your contacts into another Google account, select the Google CSV format.
    4. Click Export, and then store the file to your local device.

Import your app-specific data

You may move specific content into Google apps using the following methods.

Transfer all data to a separate Google account

For instructions, see Use Google Takeout to move Google at IU data to a personal Google account.

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