Your Google at IU account when you leave IU

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When you leave IU, all data stored in individual accounts, such as Google at IU My Drive and Microsoft OneDrive at IU, is subject to deletion.

  • Employees leaving the university should ensure ownership changes as appropriate to retain needed data.
  • Employees whose collaborator is leaving the university should review ownership of shared content and work with the departing employee to make appropriate changes.

How long you'll have access to your files

At Indiana University, eligibility for computing accounts depends on your status as a student or employee:

Google at IU accounts are deleted after you've been separated from IU for more than 30 days. For more about account lifecycles, see Lifecycle of typical computing accounts from creation to deletion.

Preserve your data

When dealing with your Google at IU account before you leave IU, take care to move your data to appropriate locations. You can relocate your individual files to a desktop or laptop computer, a mobile device, another cloud-based storage service, or some form of storage media (for example, DVDs, flash drives, or external hard drives).

For more, see Import and export Google data.

If you have institutional data

If any of your Google at IU files contain institutional data, you must move them to an IU resource that's approved for storing such data. See:

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