About IU accounts for Ivy Tech students associated with IU

Ivy Tech students living in Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI residence halls, or New Castle Ivy Tech students taking classes in IU East buildings, should be granted IU affiliate status during the admissions process. Once your affiliate status is processed, you may create the IU accounts available to you as an affiliate (e.g., Network ID, ADS, and email on the Imail system); see Create first computing accounts for admitted students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and those returning to IU.

If you live on the IU Bloomington campus, you have a $4 print credit bonus in addition to the $6.50 Student Technology Center (STC) printing allotment. As an affiliate, you cannot download software available at IUware or use IUanyWare. The IU accounts available to you are in addition to those you have through Ivy Tech.

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