IT help options

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Online help available anytime
Campus support centers
24/7 technical support via phone, chat, email, in-person
Help in the Student Technology Centers
Consultant availability in the campus STCs and RTCs at IU Bloomington and IU Indianapolis
Contact Centers
Faculty and staff telephone numbers, dialing instructions, building addresses and code explanations, after-hours telephone and cable repair, and more
Get answers to your IU questions. For general information for all IU campuses, send email
Assistive technology services at IU
Full suite of services for students with disabilities
Tier 2 Support
Tier 2 Support provides advanced desktop, server, mobility, and email support to the local UITS support person community of Indiana University, as well as to local UITS support persons within UITS. Additionally, staff provide support for IU central systems such as the Student Information System, UITS Account Management, and web hosting services such as Sitehost and WCMS.
IT Community Partnerships
Operational leadership for developing, strengthening, and nurturing partnerships and collaboration among UITS and the schools and service units
Research computing help

Research computing support at IU is provided by the Research Technologies division of UITS. To ask a question or get help regarding Research Technologies services, including IU's research supercomputers and research storage systems, and the scientific, statistical, and mathematical applications available on those systems, contact UITS Research Technologies. For service-specific support contact information, see Research computing support at IU.

Computing support resources may also be available through your school or department.

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