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The IUIE provides an interface to these functions through two report object types: data extracts and PDQs; see Use mailing functions in a data extract in the IUIE.

The IUIE provides a batch service that performs two mailing functions:

  • Notification email: Sends a form letter to each address in query results
  • Mail merge: Sends a form letter with data merged from query results

Notification email

This mailing request will send a form letter to each member of the "ADDR" section:

  FROM (email address of the originator of the mailing)

  REPLYTO (email address of person to contact regarding this mailing)

  Policies (the title of the email to be sent)

  This is the body of the email to be sent. It includes only text
  and does not reference merge data (FIELDS). The ADDR section is
  composed only of a list of email addresses.

  A list of email addresses to which to send the notification.
  ADDR contains a column of email addresses.
  One copy of the mail is sent for each 100 members in ADDR.
  Duplication of the mail is done through use of a BCC section.

Mail merge

A Mail Merge will be performed if there is a "FIELDS" section in the mailing request file. The "FIELDS" section identifies the columns of the records in the "ADDR" section. The first column is always the destination email address. The remaining columns are referenced by name in the "BODY" section, marking the fill-in field with the $ (dollar sign) symbol, for example:

  email address

  Dear $Name,

  In your role of $Title, you received $GrossPay this past year.
  ADDR, John Doe, Programmer, .02

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