Publish a PDQ with mailing functions in the IUIE

IUIE PDQ (predefined query) publishers have an additional output type, "Mailing", that they can assign to a PDQ. Publishers must write the PDQ so that its output is an IUIE mailing request file; see Components of a mailing request file in the IUIE.

The "Mail" output format option is presented unconditionally. Also, the "Mailing" output destination must be selected to actually perform a mailing, as opposed to simply seeing the mailing request information in your web browser, completed reports, or as printed copy.

If the "FIELDS" section has a value, then the request is a mail merge request. Otherwise, the request is assumed to be a mass mail request.
It is important to type the email message directly into the mailing request file. If you must compose the message outside of the IUIE, use a plain text editor. Avoid using either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, as they introduce invisible characters that Unix can't process; this will cause mailings to truncate or fail.

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