Use mailing functions in a data extract in the IUIE

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In the IUIE, data extract screen titles denote the function being performed. Screens begin with one of the following prefixes:

  • Basic
  • Email Functions
  • Notification Email
  • Mail Merge
  • Advanced

Select the mailing function

In the Basic screen, a Mailing button appears when a datagroup's columns contain email addresses, and when a given IUIE user is in the relevant security group.

Select Mailing, and from the Email Functions screen, select a mailing function:

  • Notification Email: Send a form letter to each email address in the query results.
  • Mail Merge: Send a form letter with data merged from query results.

Select the type of mailing you want to perform, or select Basic to return to the Basic screen.

Screen information

Each data extract mailing screen is the Basic screen with additional information necessary for a given mailing function:

  • For "Notification Email", enter an email message "Body", "Subject", and "From" field. You can replace the default values in these fields, as well as those in the "ReplyTo" and "Notify Upon Completion" fields.
  • "Mail Merge" has the fields noted above for "Notification Email", as well as checkboxes to select columns for inclusion in result records.
It is important to type the email message directly into the mailing request file. If you must compose the message outside of the IUIE, use a plain text editor. Avoid using either Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, as they introduce invisible characters that Unix can't process; this will cause mailings to truncate or fail.

For both mailing functions, a set of radio buttons allows you to select which mail address column will be included in output records as the first column. You must choose one of the radio buttons.

For the Mail Merge function, as you select each column, its technical name is added to the Field listbox. Highlight an item in this box and select Insert Field Selection to add a reference to the value of that column to the body of the request at the current cursor location. Select Save Settings to save a common query combination.

For both mailing functions, the "Additional Criteria" field from the Advanced screen provides more control of the returned set of addresses or merge records.

Execute the mailing

To proceed with the mailing, select Preview. You will see a confirmation screen, and the system will email the "Notify Upon Completion" address a message similar to the one that recipients will see. You will also receive email with a link to the Completed Report. If the preview email message appears satisfactory, complete the mailing:

  1. Go to the Completed Report, either through the link in the email message or through My Catalog.
  2. If desired, view the full list of recipients and email content.
  3. Email the complete list by selecting Send Mail. Email is not sent to all recipients until you complete this step. Any entry in the Completed Reports folder with an envelope icon has not yet been mailed.

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