Access IUIE mailing functions

IUIE email creation and distribution (mailing) is performed by a batch service. IUIE provides the interface to these functions through two report object types: data extracts and pre-defined queries (PDQs). Email distribution is restricted by a special security group that controls access, in addition to the existing security groups that control data access.

If you are a member of the email security group and you have access to the data in question, you will see the new email options. A Mailing button will be visible when a datagroup has columns that the Information Provider has defined as containing an email address.

You can obtain access request approval from your manager. You do not need to get Data Manager approval, only direct supervisor approval. The Mailing function is restricted to those authorized to distribute mass mailings to student populations at Indiana University.

If you have supervisory approval, you can contact the IUIE Help Desk for access assistance by clicking the feedback icon in the upper right corner of the IUIE.

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