Enroll in Passphrase Reset or change your security questions

If you provided an alternate email address when you applied to the university or updated your emergency notification email contact (IU-Notify), another option is to reset your passphrase using the Passphrase Reset by Email tool.

Most Indiana University students, faculty, staff, and affiliates are automatically enrolled in Passphrase Reset when creating their first computing accounts. You can also enroll later, or change your security questions if you are already enrolled.

To continue, you must have a valid passphrase, and your account must not have been locked from failed attempts to answer your Passphrase Reset Questions. If your account has been locked, contact your campus Support Center.

  1. Go to Manage Passphrase Questions. To change your questions, you must unenroll from and then re-enroll in the system: Select Un-enroll from the passphrase self-service reset. Click Submit, and then click set up passphrase questions.
  2. Select Enroll me in the passphrase self-service reset system. Click Submit.
  3. Choose a question from the -Select a Question- drop-down list, and then type and retype the correct answer in the appropriate fields.
  4. Click Continue to enter further questions, to a maximum of ten. After entering at least three questions and answers, you can click Done to complete your enrollment.

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