ARCHIVED: Known issues with Windows Vista at IU

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Windows 11 and Windows 10 are the preferred Windows operating systems at IU. UITS does not support operating systems that are no longer supported by the vendor.

Following is continuously updated information about the status of known university-wide Windows Vista issues.

Open issues

Issue Description Status Last updated
Thawte Personal Email Certificates
New requests or downloads of Thawte Personal Email Certificates do not process correctly in Vista.
Vendors worked on this compatibility issue but had no time estimate for a fix. Previously downloaded or exported certificates (e.g., *.pfx files) work properly with Vista and Outlook 2007.
WebDAV in Oncourse
Users may receive an error when using WebDAV to connect to personal or site resources.

Resolved issues

Issue Description Status Last updated
PGP Desktop 9
PGP Corporation's PGP Desktop 9 does not install in Windows Vista for easy PGP email signing and encryption.
PGP Desktop 9.12 and PGP Desktop 10.x are both supported under 32-bit and 64-bit Vista.
Symantec AntiVirus CE or earlier
If you perform an upgrade install of Vista with Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition or earlier installed, the antivirus client will stop functioning, and you will be unable to reinstall it or install another client.
To resolve these issues, upgrade to the latest version of the antivirus client.
Symantec AntiVirus CE and EFS
When using Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition on Windows Vista with files encrypted with Encrypting File System (EFS), Symantec autoprotect corrupts the EFS-protected files.
If you switch a network connection from one network adapter to another (e.g., from wired to wireless) and then dial a VPN connection to a remote VPN server, you'll be able to establish the connection to the remote VPN server, but you won't be able to access any network resources while connected to it.
Microsoft Help and Support article 930163 describes this problem and provides a hotfix.

Search Microsoft Support.

Multiple network locations
Windows Vista discovers the IU Wireless network as multiple "network locations" (IU Wireless 2, IU Wireless 3, etc.).
UITS has solved this issue at the IUB and IUPUI campuses by adding some enterprise infrastructure.
UITS has received reports of intermittent issues when connecting to IU's VPN.
This issue has been resolved. 06-01-07
Symantec Ghost
Symantec Ghost Solutions Suite 1.1 does not support Windows Vista.
Ghost Solutions Suite 2.0 (which fully supports Windows Vista) is now available to IT Pros. See You do not have sufficient permission to view this document.

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