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As an instructor at Indiana University, you can enter grades into your class rosters in the Faculty Center, as described below, or in Canvas. UITS recommends that for a single course you use only one method to enter grades. To enter grades from Canvas, see:

You can't submit final grades until the final grade roster is available for each term; the Office of the Registrar will email instructors when rosters are available. For questions about roster availability, grade submission deadlines, or submitting final grades after the deadline, contact your campus Office of the Registrar.

If grades are submitted by 8pm, students can view their grades in the Faculty Center the following day after 7am Monday-Saturday, or after 8am on Sunday.

Enter grades individually

To enter grades into your roster:

  1. Go to Faculty Center.

  2. The Faculty Center will initially display information for the current term. To select a different term or campus, select Change Term or Campus and select your term and/or desired campus.
  3. In the "Class" column, locate the course section for which you would like to enter grades. Select the Grade Roster link in the "Grade Roster" column for that section. If no grade roster column or link appears for the class, the grade roster for the class has not yet been generated.
  4. Verify the term and roster type (for example, Final Grade).
  5. Enter grades in the "Grade Input" fields. Alternatively, you can select Valid Grades next to the field to display a list of valid grade values, and then select an appropriate grade.
    Save your work often; the Save button is at the bottom of the page. If your session is inactive for more than thirty minutes, it will time out and any grades not saved will be lost. If you have limited time, save your work and return to it later.
    • To assign a grade of FN, enter a value in the "Last Date Attended" field (this field will not appear until you have selected Save). Estimate the date if you do not know it. If the student never attended, enter a grade of FNN, which does not require a date to go with it. The system will not let you enter a date in this field that is not within the term-begin and term-end dates.
    • For students who have undergone an academic misconduct investigation and for whom the academic misconduct designation was deemed appropriate, check the box in the "Academic Misconduct" column.
    • Students who dropped during the 100% refund period will not appear on the roster.
    • For students taking IU classes through another university, you will see a placeholder grade of ZZ. No further grade is necessary for these students.
  6. Select Save. Verify that you have correctly entered all grades.
  7. Select Approve and Submit to Registrar. All students must be assigned a grade before you select this button. If you select Save without selecting Approve and Submit to Registrar, you have not submitted your grades.
    • If you selected one or more grades for academic misconduct, you'll see a pop-up window to confirm that you intend to assign academic misconduct for the student(s) in question. Select OK to submit the grades to the registrar or Cancel to return to the roster to make adjustments.
    • If a roster is submitted with F grades, the instructor will receive a reminder for IU's grading policy for compliance of F grades and financial aid.
    If you are acting as a proxy, you won't have access to this button unless you have been authorized to both enter and approve grades. You'll need to notify the faculty of record that you have finished entering grades. The faculty of record must then access the Faculty Center, navigate to the grade roster, and select Approve and Submit to Registrar.

    Once you have approved the grades, you can no longer edit them. To make changes to grades after they have been submitted, contact the Office of the Registrar.

  8. You can tell whether your grades have been successfully submitted by checking for a message at the top of the roster that says "Grades have been submitted to the Registrar". Approved rosters are posted overnight.

Enter grades from a prepared file

To enter midterm and final grade rosters from a prepared file, use the Load from File tool:

Load from File may not be available at all IU campuses.

Prepare the file

Before loading, prepare your grade file as follows:

  • The file must be comma delimited (CSV); if you use a Mac, save your CSV file in Windows comma-separated format.
  • On the first line, indicate whether the grade roster is for midterm grades (MID) or final grades (FIN).
  • All additional lines must be formatted with University ID and course grade. Optionally, for final grades, if it applies to the student's enrollment, you can include a Requirement Designation Grade (such as S for Satisfied, or N for Not Satisfied).
    • Every University ID in the comma-delimited file must match a University ID in the grade roster; grades without matching University IDs will be ignored.
    • The University IDs must contain leading zeroes in order to match the grade roster.
    • You do not need to enter grades for students for whom a grade is already assigned (for example, a grade of W for withdrawn or a grade of ZZ). Attempts to replace the existing grade with a different one will be ignored.
    • Do not enter a Last Date of Attendance when applying an FN grade. Enter the date after the upload, when validating the grades. If you try to add a date, the record will not be loaded.
    • Do not attempt to designate academic misconduct on the file. Check the academic misconduct box after the upload, when validating the grades.
  • Following is an example of a load file:
  • If the file does not contain "FIN" or "MID" on the first line, or if the value does not match the roster type, the following error message will appear:

    Invalid File. First Line of File must be MID for Mid-Term Grade Rosters or FIN for Final Grade Rosters.

    Depending on whether the file is for midterm or final grades, you may receive one of the following error messages:

    Invalid file. Grade lines must be as follows: EMPLID,GRADE[,S/N].

    Invalid file. Grade lines must be as follows: EMPLID,GRADE.

Use Load from File to enter a prepared file

To use Load from File to enter your prepared grades file:

  1. Complete steps 1 through 4 from the Enter grades individually section above.
    If you navigate to a roster in the Faculty Center before rosters are generated, the link to the roster will be inactive.
  2. Select Load Grades from File to Roster.
  3. Select Browse to locate your grade file.
  4. Once the filename displays in the text box, select Upload. The system will attempt to load the file. The following message should appear, where "Y" is the number of records in the file and "X" is the number of records loaded:

    Loading X Records out of Y Read. Would you like to continue?

    Select OK or Cancel.

  5. Select Save. Verify that all grades are loaded, edit as necessary, and then select Approve and Submit to Registrar.
    If you are acting as a proxy, you won't have access to this button unless you have been authorized to both enter and approve grades. You'll need to notify the faculty of record that you have finished entering grades. The faculty of record must then access the Faculty Center, navigate to the grade roster, and select Approve and Submit to Registrar.

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