Load final grades from Canvas into the SIS Grade Roster

You can transfer final grades directly from Canvas to the SIS Grade Roster; however, it is critical that you review the grades transferred from Canvas to SIS before submitting final grades. Review the instructions below carefully before attempting to load final grades from Canvas for the first time.

  • You can't make manual adjustments to final grades in Canvas. All grade adjustments (including changing calculated grades to I, FN, FNN, R, etc.) must be made directly in the SIS Grade Roster before final submission.
  • You can't set requirements designation (RD) grades (for RISE designations, intensive writing requirements, etc.) in Canvas. If your course has a requirements designation, you must set the RD grade directly in the SIS Grade Roster.
  • You can't submit final grades until the final grade roster is available for each term; the Office of the Registrar will email instructors when rosters are available. For questions about roster availability, grade submission deadlines, or submitting final grades after the deadline, contact your campus Office of the Registrar.

  • In the new Canvas Gradebook, the Sync grades to SIS option under the Actions menu does not apply to Indiana University. Do not try to use this option. For more about the new Gradebook, see About the new Canvas Gradebook.

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Set or confirm the grading scheme for your course

In Canvas, the course grading scheme determines the mapping of percentage grades to letter grades. When Canvas courses are provisioned, a default grading scheme is enabled based on the grading basis assigned to the course in SIS. Courses with a grading basis of GR1, GR2, and NC have a default scheme named "Letter Grades with +/-" in Canvas. Courses with a grading basis of SF or SF2 have a default scheme scheme named "Satisfactory/Fail" in Canvas. You can use the initial default scheme, choose a different pre-existing scheme (for example, a scheme published by your department), or create your own custom scheme. You will not be able to transfer final course grades to SIS unless a grading scheme has been enabled

When selecting a grading scheme in Canvas, be sure to choose a scheme that is compatible with the grades allowed for your course in SIS. For example, if your course allows only S and F grades, use the predefined Satisfactory/Fail grading scheme in Canvas, or create your own scheme for which the only possible grades are S and F. To determine which grades are allowed for your course, follow the first three steps in the Load final grades to the SIS Grade Roster section below, and then click the Valid grades link in any row except the top row. Your Canvas grading scheme should include only grades that can be calculated based on points earned in your course. If you create your own grading scheme, do not include grades used for special circumstances (e.g., F*, FN, FNN, I, I*, R, etc); these grades must be entered directly into the SIS grade roster.

For more on working with grading schemes, see How do I create a grading scheme for my course? and How do I enable a grading scheme for my course? from the Canvas Help Center.

Review missing grades and muted gradebook items in Canvas

In Canvas, missing or empty grades do not count toward the calculated final grade. If you want to penalize a student for not completing a graded activity, you must enter a grade of 0 for that activity. To excuse a student from a graded activity, enter a grade of EX (which stands for "excused"). Before submitting your final grades, review all empty grades in your gradebook and zero out missing grades if necessary.

To set all missing grades for a given assignment to 0, see How do I set a default grade for an Assignment? from the Canvas Help Center.

Muted gradebook items also have an impact on the grades transferred from Canvas to the SIS. If your gradebook has muted items and you want them to count toward a student's final grade, unmute them before submitting your grades.

Export a copy of your gradebook

It's a good idea to make an offline copy of your Canvas gradebook right before you transfer grades to SIS. Occasionally, instructors or TAs make changes to the gradebook after final grade submission that result in discrepancies between grades in the LMS and in SIS; having an offline copy allows you to address any questions or concerns that might arise.

To create an offline copy, see How do I download scores from the gradebook? from the Canvas Help Center.


If you plan to export and maintain local offline copies of any student information (including but not limited to names, University ID numbers, or grades), you are responsible for taking adequate security measures to handle and safeguard such data, as it remains sensitive university data.

The University Information Policy Office (UIPO) has more at Protecting Data.

For more on handling sensitive data, see:

Load final grades to the SIS Grade Roster

To load grades from your Canvas course to the final grade roster in SIS:

  1. In Canvas, navigate to your course.
  2. From the course navigation menu, click SIS Grade Roster. This tool is visible only to instructors.
    If your roster does not display, you may need to allow pop-ups in your browser. For help, see Enable Pop-ups in Your Browser.
  3. If your course only has one section, a new tab will open displaying the SIS grade roster for that section.

    If your course contains cross-listed sections:

    1. The SIS Faculty Center will open in a new tab. In the "Class" column (noted by a 1 in the image below), locate the course section for which you would like to enter grades.
    2. To open the grade roster for that section, click Grade Roster (2 in the image below) in the course section's row.
      Screenshot of term information in SIS Faculty Center
  4. In the Grade Roster, click Load Grades from Canvas. After a few moments, the calculated final grades from the Canvas gradebook will appear in the "Grade Input" column.
    Screenshot of Grade Roster and calculated final grades from Canvas gradebook
  5. Click Save to save the imported grades.
  6. In the "Grade Input" column, review the grades and adjust the values as necessary. You can assign special grades such as FN (for students who stopped attending), FNN (for students who never attended), I (for incomplete), R (for deferred), etc. Click Save periodically to save your changes.
    If you assign a grade of FN, you must also provide the date of last attendance. The "Last Date Attended" field will appear when you click Save.
  7. If your grade roster has a "Requirement Designation (RD) Grade" column (for RISE designations, intensive writing requirements, etc.), set the RD grade for each student. Click Save periodically to save your changes.
  8. When you are ready to submit your final grades, click Approve and Submit to Registrar.

To load grades for additional sections in a course with cross-listed sections, click Return to go back to the Faculty Center, and repeat steps 3 through 8 for each additional section.

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