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IU has contracts with three public cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. They offer hyper-scale computing resources on demand. While those services are not free beyond limited trial usage, each vendor provides varying levels of support for teaching purposes. To help you choose the best fit, the following information outlines what's available, how to take advantage of it through IU-sanctioned environments, and the kind of support available for faculty at IU.

The public cloud computing platforms may be useful to you in the following ways:

  • Teaching the cloud: Faculty may use these platforms to teach lessons or courses about the tools of hyper-scale technologies (for example, technical skills training and certification).
  • Teaching on the cloud: Faculty may use the cloud for teaching purposes (for example, teaching a database management or mobile app development course).
  • Using the cloud as a tool in teaching: Faculty may use cloud services to support the teaching of another subject (for example, processing a large climate data set in preparation for teaching some aspect of that subject).

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The AWS Academy program provides complimentary AWS professional learning, curriculum, and personal support for instructors to achieve AWS Certification and subsequently teach AWS certification prep curriculum (AWS Academy courses) to students. The program currently includes the following courses:

  • Cloud Foundations: At least 20 hours to prepare students to pursue becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Cloud Architecting: At least 40 hours of lectures, hands-on labs, and project work; focuses on teaching technical expertise in cloud computing and skills for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate.
    This course requires the instructor to teach a couple of lessons from the curriculum (one pre-announced and one unannounced) to the Academy staff before being approved.

If you would like to participate in the AWS Academy program, complete the access request form.

Google Cloud

Unlike AWS or MS Azure, students working in Google Cloud will use their IU username and passphrase and work in an IU-managed environment. Because of this, the Cloud Technology Support team can provide some logistical assistance with the use of Google Cloud in the classroom.

  • Google Cloud resources for faculty:
    • Unrestricted computing credits for faculty for both their own course preparation and the students' coursework. Apply for Google Cloud credits for teaching.
    • Credits can be used in courses, student clubs, and other faculty-sponsored events.
    • The purpose is to use for students to learn to use cloud for career development.
    • They also offer Qwiklabs credits for the hands-on portions of the training.
    • Coupons for Associate Cloud Engineer certification testing
  • IU Support:
    • If you plan on using Google Cloud for your course, submit the Cloud Support form. The Cloud Technology Support team can help by giving you access to your students' coursework in IU's Google Cloud organization.
    • The Google Education team has set up a Google group to support faculty teaching on Google Cloud. It's reasonably active and mostly faculty driven and highly collaborative. The Cloud Technology Support team can help you connect you to that if you need assistance.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft funds direct support for student exploration. They do not have a credit program for teaching. If you wish to teach Azure and its related tools, you will need to fund it directly. They offer a limited amount of credit for individuals, but it is constrained to 30 days.

  • The Microsoft Higher Education page has training resources, case studies, and great examples of what you can do with their tools.
  • Azure Lab Services
  • Azure Lab Services provides an easy way for an instructor to set up a managed classroom to work in Azure. It uses an image or VM that you have built (and funded), and provides an easy-to-use interface to grant students measured access during designated hours of class time and after-school hours.

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