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For Indiana University's UniCom service, the features you can use depend on your configuration, as well as on what equipment and software you have. The main differences between the configurations relate to the connection between your phone line and the phone features available through UniCom:

  • In UniCom Basic, your office phone line and the UniCom phone capability operate independently of each other, so UniCom calls and regular calls function differently. Students may use UniCom Basic, since no phone number is associated with UniCom calls.
  • In UniCom Enterprise Voice, your phone line is routed through UniCom, allowing integration between phone and computer features. UniCom Enterprise Voice includes all the features of UniCom Basic. Only faculty and staff are eligible for Enterprise Voice.

See the table below for detailed descriptions.

In UniCom Enterprise Voice, you can only associate one phone line with UniCom. If you have multiple phone lines, you may want to discuss your situation with IU Telecommunications to determine what configuration is best for you. Call 812-856-2287 (IUB) or 317-274-3004 (IUPUI).

To change your UniCom mode, fill out the UITS Telecommunications Request form.


UniCom Basic
Prerequisites Features
Computer: Use Skype for Business.

Note: Pidgin is an available third-party client for Linux; however, support at IU is limited, and functionality may not correspond precisely to Skype for Business.

  • Manage a contact list
  • View availability of contacts
  • Look up names and phone numbers using the Global Address List
  • Send and receive instant messages (IM) with other UniCom users or public IM contacts (see Add contacts from outside IU to UniCom Skype for Business for Windows)
  • Join or invite other UniCom users into instant messaging conferences
  • Share your desktop with others
  • Securely transfer files to another person in an IM conversation (not available in IM conferences)
  • Invite anyone into an instant messaging conference
Microsoft Outlook
  • Presence information updated from Outlook calendar (for example, "In a meeting")
  • Schedule a conference
  • Send an instant message from within an email message
Headset with microphone

See About office telephone equipment at IU.

  • Make and receive audio calls with other UniCom users
  • Join or invite other UniCom users into audio conferences
  • Answer and manage multiple calls with other UniCom users simultaneously
  • Record calls; see Save your UniCom calls and IM conversations

See About office telephone equipment at IU.

  • Make and receive video calls with other UniCom users
  • Join or invite other UniCom users into videoconferences
Skype for Business for iOS or Android; see Mobile clients to use with UniCom.
  • View and change presence information
  • Send and receive instant messages
  • Join audio conferences
  • Make and receive audio and video calls
  • Join videoconferences
UniCom Enterprise Voice
  • Unique phone number
  • Skype for Business client (either Windows or Mac versions)
  • Exchange mailbox
  • Specific prerequisites listed under UniCom Basic for relevant features.


  • Includes all features of UniCom Basic mode
  • Redirect incoming calls to voice mail or another phone (for example, your mobile phone) while your phone is ringing
  • Forward all calls to voice mail, another phone, or a contact
  • Ring another number at the same time your number rings
  • Apply call forwarding settings according to working hours
  • Receive voice mail in Outlook inbox
  • Access voice mail service using automatic speech recognition
  • Retrieve voice mail without PIN
  • Outlook Voice Access to calendar, email, contacts, and directory
  • Play voice mail to a phone number
  • Record separate Out of Office voice mail greetings
  • Assign delegates for screening calls and placing calls on your behalf
  • Configure a team-call group to receive incoming calls

For an introduction to UniCom, including how-to PDFs and videos, see UniCom.

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