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You'll need to use groups to create many components of Indiana University's Microsoft 365 environment, including Teams, Tasks, and ToDo lists. If you are eligible to use Microsoft 365 at IU, you can create a Microsoft 365 group via those applications.

Create a group

Microsoft 365 groups are created via the applications that require them. An app that needs a group will create it as a new team, plan, or list is created. Group names (and their related object) will be prefixed with "O365-" to indicate their origin. These groups will only be able to invite and communicate with other IU-licensed users.

To prevent naming conflicts, or the possibility of revocation, UITS recommends that you create groups using campus and departmental information, as well as an indication of their purpose (for example, O365-BL-UITS-FrisbeeClub or O365-IN-LIB-StudyCarrols).

If you need a group without a prefix, or if your group will need participation from non-IU users, contact your campus Support Center.

Group revocation

At any time, the Microsoft 365 Administrators reserve the right to remove or rename groups with names that are offensive, misleading to the group's nature, or needed for official university units or divisions.

If a group is removed, its related applications and tools may cease to function.

Troubleshooting, help, and feedback

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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