ARCHIVED: How can students submit various work projects?

Work products will take many forms, from individual written work to collaborative team presentations. During times of high absenteeism or campus closure, individual student work products can be collected in Canvas and even via email; essentially, students can submit individual assignments that result in digital files (e.g., Word documents, PDFs, JPEGs) using the Canvas Assignments tool or as email attachments.

Assignments involving student presentations and performances, however, may require adjustments by you and/or your students. Presentations and performances can be created and/or delivered live, or in an asynchronous format. Live individual and group presentations or performances can be delivered via Zoom, IU's web conferencing and collaboration platform.

For individual asynchronous presentations, students can use VoiceThread or Kaltura CaptureSpace to add audio or video narration to PowerPoint slides. Group presentations can be prepared in the Canvas Collaborations tool using Google Slides. The group can then meet in a Zoom room or use VoiceThread to record a presentation for later viewing. Digitized presentations can be shared in Canvas, publishing them to services such as VoiceThread or Kaltura, and then embedding or providing a link to the presentation in Canvas Assignments, Discussions, or Pages.

For recording a video of a speech, skills demonstration, or other type of performance, students can use a camcorder, a smart phone with a tripod, or a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and video capture software, such as Kaltura CaptureSpace. The resulting video files can be uploaded to Kaltura via integration with Canvas.

Field experiences will probably be the most difficult type of assignment to recreate during times of high absenteeism or campus closure. A short-term solution in times of emergency may be to simulate the field experience by sharing resources such as videos or sound recordings. Student follow-up to the simulation resources can be designed to mimic as closely as possible the outcomes of the recreated field experience.

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