Prepare for a new virtual machine using Intelligent Infrastructure

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View existing organizations

The first thing the department will need to decide is whether they have existing organizations that they wish to use to provide access to the VMs.

This is only access to manage the VMs in II. In our experience, only some people need access to manage the VM itself (for example, initial install of the OS, modify CPU/Memory, etc.), but several/many more people need access to the OS (via SSH/RDP/etc.). Here, we're interested in the former, who will manage the VMs directly as administrators.

To see if any of the ADS groups listed fit the access you need:

Create a new organization

If none of the existing options fit your needs, you will need to find or create a different ADS group that contains what you need. Then you can use the following form to create a new organization:

This will require you specify a name for the organization, the ADS group, and a group email address (not a single person's account) in the event SAV needs to contact someone regarding the VMs.

Once the organization is created, you can start using the Resource Allocation Center to create resource pools. For more, see About the Resource Allocation Center (RAC).

For this, you just need to know:

  • What datacenter (Indianapolis or Bloomington) these VMs should run in
  • The maximum CPU, memory, and storage you want the VMs to be able to use
  • Whether the VMs should be able to use AllDisks backups or just the default OSDisk (see IU's Data Protection Service (DPS) for more information)
  • What VLANs the VMs will need to be able to access. If your department or group does not have a dedicated data center VLAN, you can request one from the Campus Network Engineering group.
  • What account information should be used to bill

After the fiscal approval is given, SAV will create the resource pool. To start creating VMs, use the self-service portal.

When you log in to the self-service portal, you can create a VM as described in Request a new VM in Intelligent Infrastructure (II) self-service portal. You can interact with the VM as outlined in Interact with a VM in the Intelligent Infrastructure (II) self-service portal.

For questions or problems, email Storage and Virtualization (

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