About Web and Database Services for Instruction (WebDB)

The WebDB service will be retired at the end of the spring 2018 semester.

The UITS Web Technologies (WebTech) group offers user accounts for learning Oracle and SQL Server database concepts, SQL programming, and web development using programming languages like Java and PHP.

These user accounts are restricted to class use and are available only to instructors who want to request accounts for their database or web server classes.

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Requesting user accounts for a class

If you are enrolled in a database or web class that uses our services, your instructor will need to request your user account for the class. We no longer offer accounts for individuals outside of a course environment. If you are an independent study student, you must contact the instructor for your course to create the necessary accounts.

As an instructor, to request database services for database and web classes, first log into Canvas, and navigate to your course. You'll need to enable the WebDB tool, which is hidden by default.

To add a hidden tool to your course navigation menu:

  1. In your course navigation menu, click Settings.
  2. On the Navigation tab, in the list of hidden tools (under "Drag items here to hide them from students"), find the desired tool, and then click the corresponding Settings (gear) icon.

    To add the desired tool, click the corresponding gear icon, select 'Enable', and then click 'Save'.

  3. Select Enable and, if desired, drag and drop the enabled tool to change its position in the tool list.
  4. Click Save.

Once you've enabled the WebDB tool:

  1. In the left navigation menu of your Canvas course, click WebDB to make a request.
  2. Check the environment(s) you will need for your class.
  3. Click Submit Request. If the request was successful, you'll see all of your students listed.

UITS staff will process the request as soon as possible; please allow 24 business hours for course provisioning. Once user accounts are created, the information needed to use those accounts will be available within the Canvas WebDB tool to both the instructor and students.

For questions, account locks, and all other requests, fill out the WebDB Request Form.

Oracle Database Server

UITS maintains one Oracle database (Oed1prd) on a Linux server, and provides individual schemas in the database for coursework. You can use the Oed1prd database for instruction in Oracle database concepts and SQL programming, provided that hands-on activity can be confined within the schemas assigned to users and instructors or the sample schemas provided by Oracle.

UITS provides Oracle client software in the IUB and IUPUI Student Technology Centers (STC) configured to connect to Oed1prd. For campuses other than Bloomington and IUPUI, campus lab administrators can download and install Oracle client software from IUware.

UITS also provides Oracle client software configured to connect to Oed1prd on Mercury and Karst.

For more information on the Oracle database services, see:

Microsoft SQL Server and IIS Web Server

UITS offers a Microsoft SQL server and an IIS web server for class instruction.

Microsoft now provides a free download of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Alternatively, you can access SSMS and SQL Developer within IUanyWare.

To view guidelines for account creation, availability, and conditions of use of the SQL Server and IIS web services, see WebTech MS SQL Server and IIS accounts for instruction at IU.

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