ARCHIVED: View your Student Performance/FLAGs Roster as an instructor

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  • The Student Performance Roster is available only at Indiana University Bloomington. Some campuses use the Administrative Withdrawal Roster for some functions previously performed via the Student Performance Roster. All campuses (except the IU School of Medicine) have access to the Student Engagement Roster to submit student feedback.
  • This information is only about the Student Performance Roster, not the Class Roster or the Grade Roster.
  • This tool cannot upload other fields on a student performance roster (for example, "Trends", "Flags", or "Recommended Student Actions").
  • Load from File may not be available at all Indiana University campuses.

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Student Performance Rosters are viewable only for classes in the current semester starting the day after the end of the first week of classes, and ending at the beginning of final grade roster production. The Student Performance Roster displays all students in the class, including those who have added or withdrawn from the course since the roster was created. It also displays the student's most recent status (i.e., enrolled, dropped, withdrawn). At the top of the page, this roster shows when it was last updated and the person responsible for the last update.

Student performance rosters are available via One.IU, and also in Canvas via the Performance Roster tool.

Student performance rosters are dynamic, and are available to update from the first day of classes for the session until final grade rosters are generated.

Faculty can assign grade proxies and enrollment assistants to grade the student performance rosters for them.

Updates to the student performance rosters should be made and saved multiple times whenever there is new student performance data.

Certain faculty and staff other than the instructor will have access to this information. Depending on the student's program, they may follow up with the student about any concerns that are raised.

Additional information is available on the FLAGS Initiative site. At the top right of the FLAGS page, click CONTACT to send comments and suggestions for improvement.

Student Performance Roster in the Faculty Center

  1. To access the Faculty Center, go to Faculty Center.

    If you're in Canvas,in the course navigation menu, click Performance Roster. If your course only has one section, you will be taken directly to the Performance Roster for that section, and you should skip to step 4 below.

  2. The Faculty Center displays information for the current term. To select a different term, click Change Term or Campus and select your term.

    Two "Student Performance" columns display on the Teaching Schedule, and Performance Rosters are created for all students.

    The values for Student Performance Roster Status are:

    Please Update!
    If the roster is available and hasn't yet been updated
    Last Updated (date)
    If the roster was already saved or submitted
    Available on (date)
    If the roster is not yet available (not available until day after drop retain date in academic calendar for the class's session)
  3. Click Student Performance Roster for the desired class. Student Performance Rosters have two different tabs:
    • Student Summary: Lists all the students in a class
    • Assessments: Shows one student at a time. Use the arrows on the blue bar to navigate from one student to the next.
  4. Four types of assessments are available on this roster for undergraduate students in undergraduate classes: Attendance, Trends, Flags, and Recommended Student Actions. (Attendance is collected for all students, regardless of career.)

    Non-undergraduate students in undergraduate classes only have the "Attendance" column available. Non-undergraduate classes have a performance roster with only the "Attendance" column available.

    Enrollment verification (Attendance), which is part of the student performance roster, should be reviewed by the campus deadline in order to comply with federal regulations. Faculty can continue to update attendance if so desired, as student performance rosters will continue to be available throughout the term until final grade rosters are generated.
  5. In the "Attendance" column, select one of the following:
    • Attending
    • Not Attending (you will need the last attendance date)
    • Never Attended
    • Irregular attendance
    • Has started attending regularly
    If the student is listed as "Not Attending", the last date of attendance is a required field. Even if you cannot recall the exact last day, supply an approximate last date. This information is beneficial to the Registrar's Office for students receiving financial aid. Students who have never attended should be reported, even if they have already withdrawn. Their attendance can be reported as Not Attending or Never Attended.
  6. In the "Trends" column, select one of the following:
    • Nothing
    • Increased level of risk
    • Major improvement
    • No longer at risk
    • Some Improvement
  7. In the "Flags" column, you can select one or more of the following:
    • Classroom behavior
    • Does not participate in class
    • Low discussion section scores
    • Low lab scores
    • Missing assignments
    • Not passing course
    • Not turning in homework
    • Poor homework
    • Poor performance: quizzes or exams
    • Poor performance: writing
    • Sudden decline in academic performance
    Be careful about what you select, because students will see this in the Student Center.
  8. If you select a value for "Flags", you must select one or more for "Recommended Student Actions". All choices will appear to all instructors; be sure a particular service is available before recommending it to the student. Select from the following:
    • Meet with instructor
    • Meet with advisor
    • Meet with teaching assistant
    • Attend departmental help sessions
    • Attend campus help - math
    • Attend campus help - reading
    • Attend campus help - study skills
    • Attend campus help - writing
    • Meet advisor - course options
    • No recommendation at this time
    • Seek tutoring
  9. If you have not made any changes, click Return to Summary.

    To save your changes, click Save at any time. Changes will not yet be viewable to students.

  10. When you are ready for your changes to be viewable, click Save, return to the "Student Summary" page, and click Submit.
    After the roster has been submitted at least once, a new Submit without changes button will appear. It allows you to submit the roster, showing you have complied with the Registrar's Office deadline for review of the rosters, even if you don't need to update any of the students' data. Clicking this button updates the "Last submitted" date on the roster and in the IUIE reports, but does not send new data to the Student Center.

Multi-component classes

For multi-component classes (i.e., lecture, lab, discussion), the instructor of the graded component (where the grade is assigned for the class) can view student performance rosters for the other components of their class, even if they aren't listed in the schedule of classes.

If your class has multiple components, ensure that the student performance rosters for all components are graded and saved.

Students not on the roster

If a student is attending your class, but not listed as enrolled on the roster, add that student at the bottom in the section "Attending but not Enrolled."

If students you listed as attending but not enrolled add the class, they will be listed alphabetically within the student roster.

If new students add the class after the roster is generated, they will be listed at the top of the roster until assessments are saved for them. They will then be listed alphabetically within the enrolled students.

Student access

For details about how students can view their reported performance and attendance, see View your IU grades.

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