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When using an IUanyWare application, you can work with files stored locally on your personal computer or remotely on a cloud storage service.

To ensure optimum performance, your IUanyWare profile is reset at the end of each academic year (between summer and fall); for details, see About the IUanyWare user profile reset.
Do not store files in the IUanyWare Documents library, as they may be lost at the end of your IUanyWare session. Similarly, do not store files in the Downloads library, as they are not retrievable.

For help with IUanyWare, contact your campus Support Center, or search this Knowledge Base.

Access files on your personal computer

Access to locally stored files from IUanyWare applications is available only when using the Citrix Workspace app (formerly known as Citrix Receiver) for Windows or macOS. If you are using the web Receiver (the "light version"), switch to the Workspace app; see Switch between Citrix Workspace app and web Receiver.

Your personal computer may not automatically share your local file storage with IUanyWare. If you can't access your local directories and files when using IUanyWare applications, check the following settings in your Citrix Workspace app:

  • macOS: To allow IUanyWare applications to access local files on a macOS personal computer, while an IUanyWare application is open:
    1. From the Client Viewer menu bar, select Preferences..., then File Access, and then Read and write. Click the Devices tab.
    2. If they are not already selected, check the boxes for both When a session starts, connect devices automatically and When a new device is connected while a session is running, connect the device automatically.
    3. The storage location C$ (\\Client) should now be available in your list of "Computer" storage locations.

      You may also configure settings for removable media on your local workstation. These settings will remain in place until you change them.

      Local Disk (C: on...) takes you to the Macintosh HD directory. Local Disk (H: on...) takes you directly to the home directory of your user account.
  • Windows: To allow IUanyWare applications to access local files on a Windows personal computer, while an IUanyWare application is open:
    1. From the system tray on your computer (lower right corner), right-click the Citrix Workspace icon, and then and click Connection Center.
    2. Click Preferences.
    3. Navigate to the File Access tab, and verify that Read and write access is selected.

You should now be able to access your personal computer's drives, directories, and files from your IUanyWare application.


When attempting to access a local drive in an IUanyWare application, you may see a security message similar to the following:

  • macOS: "How do you want to access files on the mapped drive [X] from this application?"
  • Windows: "An online application is attempting to access files on your computer."

Select Read & Write access (macOS) or Permit all access (Windows).

To avoid seeing this message again, check Don't ask me again before proceeding.

Access files on a cloud storage service

You can select your preferred cloud storage services in the IU Cloud Storage Portal. You also can select IU file shares as storage options. The preferences you set will be available to you the next time you use an IUanyWare application. For instructions, see Set your storage preferences.

Find your files using an IUanyWare application

Opening and saving files with an IUanyWare application is similar to opening and saving your files with an application installed on your personal computer. You can access your local drive(s) and your cloud storage accounts (displayed as drives).

Local storage to your personal machine will be listed as:

  • Local Disk (C: on [Your Endpoint's Name])
  • Local Disk (H: on [Your Endpoint's Name])
    In macOS, Local Disk (H:...) will take you directly to your home directory.

Cloud Storage will be listed by name, and will have a random drive letter assigned to it (for example, OneDrive (I:)).

The Downloads and Pictures folders in IUanyWare

If you attempt to save to the Downloads folder, the following "Restrictions" error appears:

IUanyWare restrictions error message: 'This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.'

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

This is a known error message with a security policy in place to prevent users from accessing the local drive on the server, and in some cases, from saving to particular folders. You should use a cloud storage option such as Google Drive or OneDrive in order to avoid losing works in progress on a virtual machine in IUanyWare.

Click OK to acknowledge the message and continue on to save your work.

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