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Account eligibility


IU's Box cloud storage service was retired on May 10, 2021. For information about cloud storage options available at IU, see Storage at IU.

At Indiana University, eligibility for computing accounts depends on your status as a student or employee:

  • Students: As with your other IU computing accounts, your IU Box account remains active as long as you are enrolled at any IU campus. After two consecutive terms (fall, spring, and summer are each considered one term) during which you are not enrolled through the IU registrar, UITS will disable access to your IU computing accounts, including your IU Box account. For more, see Student computing accounts, data, and software when you leave IU.
  • Faculty and staff: As an IU employee, your IU computing accounts remain active as long as you are employed at any IU campus. When your employment at IU ends, UITS will disable access to your IU computing accounts, including your IU Box account. For more, see Employee computing accounts when you leave IU.
    Official IU retirees keep full access to their IU Box accounts; for more, see Access to IU resources for official IU retirees.

IU Box accounts remain disabled for 180 days, and then are deleted. For more about account lifecycles, see Lifecycle of typical computing accounts from creation to deletion.

Preserve your data and collaborations

In order to make appropriate decisions about preserving the content of your IU Box account, you must identify your data and collaborations.

Private folders

In the case of private folders (which appear yellow in IU Box), you only need to preserve the data associated with the folder. Do this in one of two ways:

Collaborative folders

In the case of collaborative folders (which appear blue in IU Box), you must preserve the data and manage the collaborations associated with each folder.

  • Preserve your data
  • Manage your collaborations
    • Institutional data: If you are a member of a collaborative folder that contains institutional data, request that the owner of the folder remove you as a collaborator. In some situations you can remove yourself.
    • Personal data: Review your personal Box collaborations and, if necessary, plan how you will continue sharing your personal files with others. Once you've created a personal Box account, contact the owner of the collaborative folder and ask that your new Box account address be invited to collaborate. After you've accepted that invitation, ask the folder owner to remove your IU Box account.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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