Lifecycle of typical computing accounts from creation to deletion


The lifecycle of IU computing accounts consists of three phases: Early Relationship (students only), Active User, and Extended Relationship.


These are general guidelines only. If you have questions about your specific situation, contact your campus Support Center.

Early Relationship (students only)


After you apply to Indiana University, you will receive email from the Office of Admissions containing your university ID number and instruction for creating your IU username and passphrase, which you can then use to log into One.IU for access to your application status and financial aid information. If you have questions, contact the admissions office for the campus to which you applied.

Applicants receive no other accounts.

Graduate applicants:
The information above applies to undergraduate applicants only. Graduate applicants receive their university IDs and instructions for creating computing accounts in email from their individual schools or departments after they are admitted.

Active User

Those in the Active User phase can create the full suite of IU accounts for which they are eligible (including email) using Create More Accounts.

Admitted students

This applies to those admitted, but not yet enrolled in any courses.


Individuals who are not students, faculty, or staff, but who are affiliated with IU (for example, contracted employees or consultants) may be eligible for an account as an IU affiliate. These accounts must be sponsored by an IU faculty or staff member.

Enrolled students

This applies to those who are officially enrolled in courses or have been enrolled within the past two semesters.

Faculty, staff, and part-time employees

Employees are in the Active User phase after they are hired.

Retired faculty and staff

Those with official IU retiree status remain in the Active User phase.

Extended Relationship

Those in the Extended Relationship phase can maintain an existing IU username and authenticate but generally do not have other accounts. During the Extended Relationship, these other accounts are typically deleted after 180 days, though this time frame may vary by account (for example, Google at IU accounts are deleted after you've been separated from IU for more than 30 days).


See Student computing accounts, data, and software when you leave IU.

Faculty and staff

Those who leave IU (but do not have retirement status) are in the Extended Relationship phase until they are able to retrieve their final W-2s. For more, see Employee computing accounts when you leave IU.

Affiliates do not have an Extended Relationship phase.

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