Information sources recommended for IT Pros at IU

At Indiana University, IT Community Partnerships (ITCP) recommends that IT Pros subscribe to or follow these sources for vital security and service information:

IU mailing lists

  • The IT Pros mailing list: Registered IT Pros are automatically subscribed to this ADS group when they register in the IT Pro database. Because subscriptions to this list are both mandatory and automated, it is reserved for distributing essential, time-sensitive technical information, actionable items, and security concerns. The list follows an announcements-only format and is moderated by ITCP.
  • IT-Technical-L: This list receives the same content sent to the IT Pros list. It is intended for those with a professional interest in IT at IU, but who are not required to register in the IT Pro database. Subscriptions are limited to IU email addresses. Send a subscription request to

    Note: If you are registered in the IT Pro database and you also subscribe to IT-Technical-L, you will receive duplicate copies of messages sent to those lists.

  • IT-Announcements-L: This list is intended to communicate IT-related news, announcements, and events of interest to all IT Pros at IU. Content will generally not overlap with that sent to the IT Pros and IT-Technical-L lists. The list is moderated by ITCP, and relevant messages are welcome from all subscribers. Subscriptions are open to anyone with an IU email address. Send a subscription request to
  • Early Notification List (ENL): The UITS Support Center and other members of the IT support community share early warnings on possible outages. Communications on this list are intended to stay within the IT Support community and are a means to quickly determine the presence and scope of possible unexpected issues with IT systems. Once a possible outage is recognized, it may be posted as an IT Notice. You can subscribe to the ENL if your IT Pro specifically authorizes you via the IT Pro Database.

IT Notices

You can receive IT Notices in email, via RSS feed, or by visiting the Status.IU website; see Access IT Notices at IU.

University Information Security Office (UISO) bulletins

You can receive security bulletins from the University Information Security Office (UISO) in email, via RSS news feed, or by visiting Protect IU: Security Bulletins; see View UISO IT security bulletins.

Apple notifications

For product security notifications and announcements from Apple, subscribe to the Apple security-announce mailing list or browse its archives; see Security-announce Info Page.

ITCP also recommends the Penn State University (PSU) MACENTERPRISE mailing list. To subscribe, see Join or Leave the MACENTERPRISE List, or browse the archives.

Microsoft security bulletins

For security bulletins about Microsoft products and components, see Microsoft Security Bulletins, or have them sent to you by subscribing to security bulletin mailing lists or RSS feeds. To create a customized dashboard that displays bulletins for the Microsoft products you select, visit My Security Bulletins Dashboard.

Symantec vulnerabilities, threats, and risks

Security updates from Symantec are available at Security Response.

United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)

The US-CERT website provides resources to help you learn about cybersecurity and how to secure your home and small business networks. For current cyber awareness alerts, bulletins, and tips, see the US-CERT National Cyber Awareness System, or have them sent to you by subscribing to a US-CERT mailing list or news feed.

Security patch management

For discussions about security patch management topics covering a broad spectrum of operating systems, applications, and network devices, visit to subscribe to the Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Patch Management mailing lists.

Decision Support

The Decision Support Technologies Users' Group is made up of developers working with Tableau. To pose questions to the group, send mail to To subscribe, send a blank email message to

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