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As of spring 2021, UITS is partnering with Piazza as an IU eTexts publisher, which means that Piazza is available via IU eTexts.

To use Piazza with Canvas integration for your spring 2021 course(s), you must order it via IU eTexts. Please ask your course authority* to complete the request form. Enter Piazza in place of an ISBN. Piazza orders will be accepted until noon on Thursday, February 11, 2021. Requesters will receive an email confirmation when Piazza has been provisioned to Canvas sites. Note that the availability of Piazza on the first day of classes cannot be guaranteed, but orders for Piazza will be expedited. The estimated cost for access to Piazza will be $5.00 per student, per course, billed to student bursar accounts.

To learn more about IU eTexts, see the IU eTexts: A Faculty and Staff Introduction Canvas resource site.

IU offers an alternative tool at no additional charge to students, Q&A Community (InScribe), that is already integrated into Canvas.

Piazza is an online problem-solving place where students can ask, answer, and explore questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under the guidance of their instructors. In Piazza, students collaborate in a wiki-like interface to come up with answers to questions that may be posed by students or instructors. Instructors can also collaborate on answers in their own space. In addition, Piazza offers a more traditional discussion format.

Piazza updates continuously, so students (and instructors) can stay connected and keep track of the activity around a particular question. Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Piazza also supports the editing of computer code, and has a built-in LaTeX editor for equations.


At IU, new courses created in Piazza are, by default, open to any user with an IU email address. IU students and faculty can enter open courses by searching for them and opting to join. To remain FERPA-compliant, instructors should set access codes to prevent unauthorized users from enrolling in their Piazza classes. Once your course access code is set, all users will be prompted for the code the first time they access the course.

To set an access code for a Piazza course:

  1. Log into Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the desired course, and then launch Piazza.
  3. At the top of the Piazza screen, select Manage Class.
  4. On the General Settings tab, in the "Class Information" section, under "Access Code", click Add access code.
  5. When prompted to create an access code, enter a code that will be difficult for others to guess.
  6. At the bottom of the "Class Information" section, click Save Changes.

Share the course access code with your students by posting an announcement or sending a message.

For instructions on using Piazza, see Support: Piazza. For help with Piazza, email team@piazza.com or call 800-818-4124.

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.


* Because ordering Piazza access will result in an unexpected charge to students, UITS requires approval to add this charge from a course authority (a faculty member from the academic unit with the title of Dean, Chair, Director, or Course Coordinator). For more, refer to the Post-Deadline Ordering page in the IU eTexts Canvas resource site.

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