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IU eTexts is an IU-created initiative wherein Indiana University has partnered with publishers to offer licensed access to their titles digitally, at a significant discount. For more, see below or visit IU eTexts.

For help with eTexts, submit a request via the IU eTexts Service Catalog.

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Digital courseware

Digital courseware refers to non-text-based learning tools. They cover a range of options, from problem sets and adaptive learning tools to games and simulations, and even video feedback tools.

UITS recommends instructors teaching in Canvas at Indiana University use IU eTexts to adopt texts and digital courseware materials from Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Macmillan, Cengage, or Wiley Publishers. In addition to significant discounts off list prices, benefits of using IU eTexts include streamlined integration into Canvas, single sign-on for students (no access codes), and local technical support for faculty and students via the Support Center and IU eTexts Service Catalog.

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