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If Zoom is unavailable at Indiana University for any reason, instructors and students can use the Microsoft Teams Meetings app in Canvas to conduct live online meetings. Follow the instructions below to create and join an online meeting room in Microsoft Teams.

Create a Teams meeting

  1. Log into Canvas, and navigate to your course.
  2. You can generate a meeting invitation in any Canvas tool with a Rich Content Editor (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Calendar, Pages, etc.). Select the tool where you want the meeting invitation to appear and create a new item in the tool.
  3. Fill in the name and other relevant information in the item. Then place your cursor in the Rich Content Editor where you want the link to the meeting to appear. Follow the instructions below for the "classic" or "new" Rich Content Editor, depending on which editor is enabled in your course. Most courses created for spring 2020 and earlier have the classic editor; courses created summer 2020 and later have the new editor.
    • Classic editor: In the classic editor toolbar, open the More External Tools menu and select Microsoft Teams Meetings.
      The More External Tools menu with Microsoft Teams Meetings selected
    • New editor:
      1. In the new editor toolbar, open the More menu and select the Apps icon.
        More menu with Apps icon selected
      2. A "Select App" window will open. Search for the app named "Microsoft Teams Meetings", and click the search result when it appears.
  4. A "Microsoft Teams Meetings" pop-up window will open. Click Sign in. If you're already signed into IU's instance of Office 365 or Microsoft Teams, skip to step 9.
  5. At the first prompt, enter your IU username followed by (do this no matter what your email address is). At the password prompt, enter your IU passphrase. Do not click anything on the sign-in pages other than Next and Sign in.
  6. If prompted, complete a Two-Step Login.
  7. The first time you launch the application, you'll see a "Permissions Requested" screen. Click Accept to continue.
  8. You may be asked whether to stay signed in. Choose Yes or No to continue.
  9. Once you are successfully signed in, you will return to the "Microsoft Teams Meetings" pop-up. Click Create meeting link.
  10. In the "New meeting" window, enter a name and start and end times for the meeting. Then click Create. The start and end times will not affect the availability of the meeting room; you can enter it at any time after it's created.
  11. A link to the meeting will appear in the Rich Content Editor. If needed, add more information about the meeting. Then save the item and publish if appropriate.

Once the link is available, anyone in the class can click the link to enter the meeting room.

Join a Teams meeting room

To participate in an MS Teams meeting, you'll need the MS Teams app or a fully-supported browser (Chrome or Edge). For the best meeting experience, download and install the MS Teams desktop or mobile app.

To join an MS Teams meeting room from a link in your Canvas course:

  1. Log into Canvas, and navigate to your course.
  2. Navigate to the page with the meeting link and click it.
    • In the resulting window, to join the meeting in the Teams app, click Launch it now and proceed to step 3.
    • To join via Chrome or Edge:
      1. Click Join on the web instead.
      2. At the bottom of the meeting options screen, click sign in. For sign-in instructions, follow steps 5-7 in Create a Teams meeting above. (If you neglect to sign in, you won't be able to enter the meeting room until the organizer admits you.)
  3. On the join screen, use the controls to turn your camera and microphone on or off or customize your device settings. Then click Join now.

You should now be in the live meeting room. For help using it, see Participate in live meetings.

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