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UITS has made it possible for students, faculty, and staff to use IUanyWare to access computers in the STCs remotely during the period of online instruction and campus closures. This remote access allows you to access IU-licensed software not usually included on personal laptops or other individual devices.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

Connect to IUanyWare

See About IUanyWare to learn how to:

Connect to an IU STC PC computer lab

  1. Log into IUanyWare.

  2. Choose the Desktops tab at the top of the page. You will see several icons with STC Desktop labels:
    • If you are taking courses in and require specific software for the McKinney School, Chemistry, or another department, choose the appropriate icon. Note that these labs have smaller capacity, so you might not be able to connect immediately if all of the computers are in use.
    • Everyone else should choose STC Lab Desktop. There are hundreds of computers available for remote access.

    You will automatically be logged into the computer. A small window will show your cloud storage locations connecting.

  3. Use the computer just as you would in the computer lab. UITS recommends that you use IU Cloud Storage to store and access your files.
  4. Remember to click the Log Off icon on the desktop when you are finished to allow another user to access the computer.
STC Desktops on IUanyWare do not save profile settings. You will lose any configurations when you log off.

Connect to an IU STC Mac computer lab

All students may connect to an STC Mac computer lab remotely without an assigned IP address from an instructor.

To remotely connect to a Mac in IUanyWare:

  1. Log into IUanyWare.

  2. You can click the link to use the light version in a browser window, or click Detect Receiver if you already have the Citrix Workspace app installed on your computer.
  3. Search for mac to find all Macs available via IUanyWare, and choose the Mac icon recommended by your instructor.
  4. You should be presented with a certificate notice. Choose yes to proceed.
  5. Log into the computer using your IU credentials. Wait approximately 60 seconds as the initialization process runs.
  6. To log off and disconnect from the Mac, open the Apple menu at the top left and select log-out.

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