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The information in this document is intended for instructors who already have Qualtrics accounts at Indiana University. For information about creating a Qualtrics account at IU, see About Qualtrics at IU.

Consulting hours

At IU Bloomington, the Center for Survey Research (CSR) offers open consulting hours twice weekly during the academic year (except during holiday breaks and exam weeks):

To request an appointment outside of open consulting hours, contact the CSR.

Additionally, the CSR periodically holds training workshops on introductory and advanced survey design topics.

User support

For help with permission- and access-related issues, contact your Qualtrics division administrator.

For help with survey- or system-related issues, contact the Qualtrics support team (; 800-340-9194).

Online training resources

See the Qualtrics Support website to register for weekly live webinars led by Qualtrics specialists, or browse a comprehensive library of online documentation, including:

  • Survey Platform Overview: View a short "Getting Started" video, and then work through the Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps express training program, a series of pre-recorded webinars, tutorials, and practice surveys that teach you how to use Qualtrics effectively in as little as two hours.
  • My Projects Overview: Learn about the "My Projects" landing page, where you can create, organize, and share projects.
  • Survey Module Overview: Learn how to use the Survey module to design, test, and edit surveys for your project.
  • Distributions Overview: Learn about the variety of options Qualtrics provides for distributing your survey (e.g., email, web, social media, and mobile), and how to use the Distribution module to choose a distribution method and view information about responses as they are collected.
  • Data & Analysis Overview: Learn how to use the Data & Analysis module to view, filter, and tag completed responses, perform text analytics on Text Entry responses, and create custom cross tabulations for multivariate analysis of Multiple Choice and Matrix Table responses.
  • Reports Overview: Learn how to use the Reports module to create pages, visualizations, and filters for exploring, analyzing, and sharing your survey data.
  • Contact List Overview: Learn how to upload, create, and manage contact lists used to distribute your surveys and control who can access them.
  • Library Overview Learn about personal and group libraries for storing survey templates, questions, graphics, email messages, and other reusable files.
  • Research Resources: Learn about best practices related to survey design, market research and employee surveys, and a variety of data analysis methods.
  • Sharing a Project: Learn how to share your surveys with other Qualtrics users without giving them your account information.

Documentation for division administrators also is available.

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