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Before you begin

When new content is added to Kaltura, download functionality is disabled by default. Once you enable the download feature, all users with access to the video will be able to download it.

Recently created or uploaded content is not available for downloading until Kaltura finishes processing it. The amount of processing time needed depends on the size of the content; very large files may take up to an hour (or longer) to process.

Source files from Kaltura may download with an incorrect file extension, and such files will not play on most computers. To fix this, rename your downloaded file by removing the existing extension and replacing it with .mp4. Downloading anything other than "source" will work around this problem.

Enable downloading for the content

To download media from Kaltura, you first must enable downloading for the content you want to download:

  1. Locate the content you want to download, and then select Edit.
  2. On the Download tab, select the desired download options; to download the file in its original format, select Source.
    • If the original file is already in 720p format, selecting 720p File will not create a file you can download.
    • If you do not see the Download tab, you may need to reduce your web browser's zoom level.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Continue to Download the content.

Download the content

After you enable downloading for the desired content:

  1. Locate the content you want to download. (If you just finished enabling downloads for the content, select Go to media.)
  2. Below the player, select Download. If the Download link doesn't appear, see the note in Enable downloading for content.
  3. In the table that appears, select the appropriate file, and then, in the "Actions" column, select Download.

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