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Before you can create and administer forms and workflows in FireForm, you will need a tenant for your unit or department. The representative of a given unit or department decides how to implement tenants. For example, a UITS division may have a single tenant, or the representative may decide that sub-groups within the division should each have their own tenants.

When deciding tenant ownership, consider how forms, workflows, form entries (submitted form data), and other components will need to be used across groups throughout the unit or department. For more about FireForm components, see FireForm at IU help menu.

When you request a tenant, you will need to determine:

  • Tenant code: Becomes part of the URL for the tenant as well as related forms. It should be descriptive and must be alphanumeric only. UITS recommends that the code prefix reflect a campus (for example, "ius" for IU Southeast) or university-wide status (for example, "iu"). The tenant code cannot be changed.
  • Tenant name: Descriptive of the unit, department, or group that will be using this tenant.

When administering FireForms, UITS recommends that you have two tenants, and both will be created as part of your tenant request:

  • Stage: Staging and testing environment
  • PRD: Live environment

To request tenants, submit a FireForm Tenant Request.

Create roles

Before adding users to your Admin tenant, you will need to define roles. "Admin" is a default role that provides full administrative access. To create additional roles:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Roles. The resulting page displays all defined roles.
  2. Select Add Role.
  3. Name the role. The role name should be alphanumeric and contain no special characters.
  4. Check the boxes that provide the access you desire for the role, and then select Save.

Add users

To grant administrative access to FireForm, when sending the FireForm Tenant Request, include the desired Admin usernames (or ACM/Grouper groups). Once the tenant has been created, anyone who is a designated Admin for the tenant may add additional Admins.


All new users must agree to the Usage Agreement and be in compliance with:

To check compliance, use Enterprise Application Compliance.

To add users:

  1. From the Admin dashboard, navigate to your unit or departmental tenant; for help, see FireForm dashboards.
  2. Begin adding users:
    • Individual users: Navigate to Settings > Users > Add user.
    • Groups of users (Grouper): Navigate to Settings > Groups > Add New Group.
  3. Select a status:
    • Active: The user will be able to access tenant functionality based on their role.
    • Inactive: The user will not yet be able to access tenant functionality.
  4. Select a role by checking the appropriate boxes. The Admin role is the default and provides full access to all tenant functionality.
  5. Select Save.

Once granted access to the Admin site, users will only be able to access functionality based on their assigned role.

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Get help

If you have additional questions, need to report a bug, or would like to make enhancement requests for the FireForm system, submit a FireForm Support Request.

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