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FireForm email notifications can confirm the submission of a form, let people know of a task in a form workflow, and notify users of a change in the status of a form.

Notifications are all configured within the form builder tool, available in the Admin FireForm tenant. For form-building instructions, see Build forms using FireForm.


In the staging environments, notifications are not sent by email. However, you can check the Notification Center (Test environment) to verify that notifications are working as expected.

Form submitter confirmation message

After a customer submits a form, they'll receive an email message that confirms the submission and contains pieces of data that you select during configuration.

To configure submission confirmation messages:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Forms, and then select the form from the Forms listings page.
  2. At the top, select Notification Config.
  3. Select Edit. Note that this option is only available if IU Login has been enabled on the form. Alternatively, under "Form Options", check Require Email Address to get the same result.
  4. The following fields will display:
    • Send Confirmation Email to Submitter: This will send the form submitter a confirmation email with the form data included.
    • Allow User-Defined Email Confirmation Address: This gives the form submitter the option to enter additional email addresses to which confirmation email messages will also be sent. This is done by providing an extra section at the bottom of the form.
    • Reply to Email Address: This will be the email address that displays in the "To" line if recipients reply to their confirmation email messages. You can enter only one address; if you enter more than one, the email notifications will not work. This field is optional.
    • IU Notifications Name: IU Notifications is the university's centralized notification system. This is the display name of the notification; it will be included in the subject line of the email message, and is displayed on the dashboard in the notification center. The name must be alphanumeric only and can't exceed 50 characters. The form name is often used for this field.
    • IU Notifications Type: This is the unique key used to identify the form in the notification system. UITS recommends that you include a prefix indicating that the notification is from your FireForm tenant. Use the format ffxxx-formcode, where xxx is your tenant code.

      For example, the FireForm Tenant Request form's notification type is ffea-fireformtenant, which can be broken down as follows:

      • ff stands for FireForm.
      • ea is the code for the Enterprise Applications FireForm tenant.
      • fireformtenant is a description or code of the associated form.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Select Publish. A unique identifier in the notification system will populate the "IU Notifications Type ID" field.

To create the confirmation message:

  1. Navigate to the Form Details page of your form and select Edit.
  2. In the "Form Options" section, add the desired text to the "Confirmation Message" box. For text formatting options, see the Markdown Cheat Sheet.
  3. Select Save or Update.

To add additional content to the confirmation message:


Any form elements that are sent in the submitter confirmation email will also be included in the assignee notification email.

  1. Navigate to the Form Content page of your form, and then select the element you want to add to the confirmation message.
  2. Check Include in Confirmation Email Content.
  3. Select Save.

Confirmation message to a copy/CC email address

In the Notification Config, if you enable "Allow User-Defined Email Confirmation Addresses", FireForm sends a confirmation email message to other recipients designated by the form submitter. Once you've set up email confirmation messages at the form level (see step 5 above), you can start using it for copy/CC email fields too.

Copy/CC confirmation email messages may be enabled for the following functionality:

  • User Defined: Copy/CC email addresses are entered by the form submitter. Set this up in the Notification Config (as outlined above), or use a People Picker element on the form.
  • Routing Step: Copy/CC email addresses are defined for a particular step in the workflow.
  • Reroute: Copy/CC email addresses are defined for a particular reroute. This sends the email confirmation when the reroute is triggered.
  • Pivot: Copy/CC email addresses are defined for a particular pivot value. This sends the email confirmation once the pivot assignment is done.

Configure a workflow notification message

You can configure FireForm to email assignees in a workflow, notifying them that they need to take action on the form entry and move the form to the next step in the workflow process. Admins will receive these notifications only if they are assignees.

To configure notification messages to assignees:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Workflows and select the desired workflow.
  2. Select Steps.
  3. Open the step at which this will be applied.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. In the "Workflow Options" box, check Notify Assignee(s).
  6. In the "Assignment" box, use Edit Users and/or Edit ACM Groups, to add the userids of users you want to assign to this step and notify.
  7. Select Save.

Form submitter notification of a form state change

This option notifies the person who submitted the form of a state change in the workflow. For example, if a form submission reaches the "Approved" state, this will notify the form submitter that the submission was approved.

To configure form state change notification messages:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Workflows and select the desired workflow.
  2. Select Steps.
  3. Open the step at which this will be applied.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Check Notify Submitter of State Change.
  6. Select Save.

Alternatively, this option can be applied to the elements of a form if a workflow already has associated states set up (see Build forms using FireForm). On the "Add Element" page, you'll see a list of "Submitter Notification States", and you can check the desired states.

Resubmission email notification

When sending a form entry for resubmission, assignees must enter a comment. While doing so, they can decide to send an email message to the form submitter with the comment so that the form submitter can correct the error and resubmit the form.

Once you've set up email confirmation messages at the form level (see step 5 above), you can start using it for resubmission email notifications.

To set up resubmission email notifications:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Workflow and select the desired workflow.
  2. Select Steps.
  3. Open the step at which this will be applied.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Check Allow Resubmit Back to Submitter Change.
  6. Select Save.

Get help

If you have additional questions, need to report a bug, or would like to make enhancement requests for the FireForm system, submit a FireForm Support Request.

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